The National Scholarships Office at Georgia College & State University

The National Scholarships Office at Georgia College & State University assists exceptional GCSU students and alumni in applying for nationally and internationally competitive scholarships and fellowships that support study, research, and work experiences in the US or abroad.

Students who excel as scholars and leaders at GCSU are ready to compete against students at other top universities, and the National Scholarships office exists to help our students achieve these goals. We provide support for our students throughout the application process, treating it as a learning opportunity.  Students who are mentored through the awards process will emerge with the communication skills, the confidence, and the problem solving abilities that will help them succeed in many other future endeavors.

The National Scholarship Office provides the following services to GCSU Students:

  • One-on-one application mentoring. We assist students in identifying awards appropriate to their individual skill sets and goals. We also help students learn how to produce competitive applications for these awards.
  • Awards promotion. We work with faculty, staff, and student groups at GCSU to help educate our campus community about nationally competitive scholarship opportunities. We seek to reach out to the entire student body to recruit students of excellence.
  • Campus awards process facilitation. The National Scholarships Office organizes the on-campus selection process for awards that require campus endorsement. We work alongside GCSU faculty and staff to select the best candidates for each opportunity.