Faculty Resources

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Georgia College & State University faculty members play a crucial role in identifying promising students for national scholarship competitions. The National Scholarships Office always welcomes referrals from faculty and staff. If you would like to refer an exceptional student, please email us. We look forward to helping your exceptional students identify and pursue national awards. 

Faculty also play a crucial role in the national scholarships process by writing letters of recommendations for students who are applying for major awards. National scholarships committees consider letters of recommendations very seriously as they evaluate students' applications, and a strong letter can help your student win. We understand that strong letters can be difficult and time consuming to compose, and we are here to provide assistance and guidance. In the "Helpful Links" menu, you will find several resources for writing letters of recommendations.

Finally, faculty support plays a major role in motivating students to apply for national scholarships. Knowing that a faculty member believes in their potential can help students persist through long and daunting awards processes. You can support your students by encouraging them to pursue challenging coursework and to undertake meaningful extra-curricular opportunities.

Helpful Links
  • Writing Recommendation Letters: A Handbook for Faculty - Joe Schall, who served as writer-in-residence at Penn State for 20 years, composed this excellent handbook on writing recommendations. This resource includes information on content and style for general letters, as well as information on writing letters for specific national scholarship competitions.
  • How to Write a Good Recommendation - The Chronicle of Higher Education published this very good article on how to best balance superlatives with a realistic evaluation of the student's potential.