How to Apply

dr hegde with students in classroom

At the end of the freshman year, if you have a cumulative GPA of 3.7 or higher and if you are a Pre-Med student intending to go to medical school and obtain an M.D. degree, please contact Dr. Ashok Hegde ( with a short email describing why you would like to be considered for admission to the Pre-Med Mentoring Program. (You can email Dr. Hegde and apply during the spring semester of your freshmen year if you are likely to meet the GPA requirement.) Although applicants to the Pre-Med Mentoring Program tend to be biology majors, exceptional non-biology major Pre-Med students can apply as well. You are eligible to apply in your sophomore year or junior year if your GPA is 3.7 or higher.

In the email, you need to give your cumulative GPA and any other pertinent information (such as any volunteering or shadowing experience in a clinical setting) in a succinct manner. Then, depending on the availability of open slots, Dr. Hegde will send you an application form. This form will ask you questions about your interest, motivation to go to medical school and the preparation you have made thus far towards your goal of seeking medical school admission. In this form, you will also have to provide names of faculty members who can write recommendation letters for you. Based on the application, you may then receive an invitation for an interview. The final selection will depend on your academic record, application, recommendation letters, and your performance in the personal interview.

If you are selected for the Pre-Med Mentoring Program, you need to commit to attending for two semesters a weekly seminar (Seminar in Medical Culture) which is on Thursday evenings from 5:30 to 7:20.

Please note that Dr. Hegde is not a general Pre-Med Advisor. For those Pre-Med students who are not in the mentoring program, help is available through the Pre-Professional/Graduate School Planning services of the Career Center.