Production Services

What is Production Services?

Production Services, a department in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, supports the Georgia College campus and surrounding area in terms of event technology and logistics needs in non-classroom settings. Our mission is to provide effective yet efficient support to facilitate events and productions on and off campus while instilling knowledge to users for a more technological and logistically aware future. By involving Georgia College students in these services, we aim to prepare and provide them with hands-on training to joint the fast growing entertainment industry. 

Working closely with Facility Reservations, Production Services provides the necessary assistance, support, and/or training for your technological needs. The rates and fees for various requested services are available on the Facility Reservations website in the approved Georgia College Campus Fee Schedule.

On Campus Support Services

For on campus events contact Production Services.

For a list of on campus event space locations that Production Services supports, click here.

Off Campus Support Services

The same professional production services normally found on our campus are available off campus as well. Simply contact Production Services, and we'll be glad to discuss all options.

Policies and Procedures

A minimum of a five-business day notice is required to schedule a technical specialist for events on campus. A 10 business day notice is required to support off campus events. Shorter notices will be accommodated if staffing is available.

Upon receiving an event request, staff from Production Services will schedule a meeting to discuss the logistical and technical needs and potential costs associated.

For services to be offered or equipment used off campus, a signed university service agreement must be in place. The signed service agreement will detail all services and costs.

Groups who choose to rent or use equipment without a trained Georgia College technician are responsible for the safe return of all equipment. Replacement or repair costs will be charged to all groups who fail to return equipment or return equipment damaged due to negligence.