New Player Orientation

Georgia College Intramurals operates in four distinct Intramural phases: Early Fall, Late Fall, Early Spring and Late Spring. Each 6-week phase offers a diverse variety of new sports for people of all interests to be involved. Below is all the information needed to get involved!

All intramural participants will be required to create an account on AND purchase a $10 semester Player Pass in order to sign up and play intramurals at GC. All GC students, faculty and eligible staff are eligible to play Intramurals at Georgia College. 

Bring a Valid ID

Participants MUST bring a Valid ID and have it verified by a RecSports staff member prior to each competition. Bobcat Cards are the preferred form of ID. However, a Driver’s License will be accepted as a valid ID as long as the player is listed on the roster at game time. If a player is not listed on the roster, we will only accept a Bobcat Card as a valid ID. Additionally, that player will need to show proof they have a Player Pass prior to competing in an intramural game. ZERO EXCEPTIONS.

Please Note: Players added to a roster after 4PM on the day of the game are not likely to be listed on the roster. 

Creating Your IMLeagues Account:

1. Go to and click create account.
2. Enter your information, and use your School email and submit.
3. You will be sent an activation email, click the link in the email to login and activate your IMLeagues account.

GC Player Pass

For only $10 per semester, participants have full access to ALL intramural sports GC has to offer. Once purchased, participants can play as many different sports and on as many teams (within gender and team # restrictions) as they desire. Players will not be able to create a team or join a team until the a Player Pass Package is purchased.

Purchase your Player Pass HERE:

We recommend purchasing the All Year Player Pass up front for $20 for a one and done payment, but participants have the option to pay per semester as well. Players may purchase their player pass at any time during the semester or Intramural Phase.

ImLeagues Features

  • Create, Find, and Join Teams Online
  • View Your Standings, Individual Stats, Past Results, and Upcoming Opponents
  • Communicate with Team Members .
  • Personal Homepage Organizes all of your Teams, Schedules, School News, etc.

*Download the IMLeagues App today for remote access!

What is a Free Agent

We prefer people to register as teams but you can also register free agent which means that you are looking for a team. You can list yourself as a free agent in as many sports/leagues as you would like. You will be visible to all members of the site and can request to join teams, or post information about yourself so teams can request to add you to their team.

All participants should be added on a team roster 12 hours before game time.

Additional Duties for Team Captains Only

If an organization is to be successful in intramural sports competition, a good team captain is essential. It is not feasible or practical to meet with the thousands of players participating in intramural sports; that is why the role of team captain is pivotal to Intramural success. Matters affecting his/her team are communicated through him/her, and the captain, in turn, is responsible for passing the information on to the team members. Each captain will act as the official liaison between the team and the Director of Intramural and Recreational Sports and must maintain direct contact in order to ensure proper communication. The duties of a team captain include, but are not limited to:

  • Being familiar with all policy and procedures included in this handbook and communicate this information to all team members.
  • Ensure all members of the team are eligible for every contest in which they participate.
  • Notifying the members of the team regarding date, time, and location of contests.
  • Attending mandatory meetings for captains as scheduled.
  • Captains are responsible for relaying rule and regulation requirements to the rest of their team. All players must understand the game being played, and if they do not it is a reflection of the team captain.

* Familiarize your team members with the Sportsmanship Policy. Educate them as to the ramifications of poor
sportsmanship both for the individual and the team. This includes proper web etiquette on the website.
*Verify the scores entered for your team's contests on Imleagues and dispute any errors by notifying within 24 hours.
*Captains Must Invite/Accept all team/potential members on the roster or turn on auto accept member requests.
*Captains must inform all team/potential members that they must have an Imleagues account, and they must request to join the team and/or accept a team invitation to be eligible to play after purchasing their Player Pass.

Players should familiarize yourself with our policies at

Players should familiarize yourself with our league rules at