Press Policy
Rules of Governance

The SGA Constitution

This document is the basis of the Student Government Association of Georgia College. The Constitution outlines the branches of Government, the process for impeachment, committee structure, and more. The current constitution was adopted in 2004 and has been amended numerous time since the most recent being in Fall 2022.


The SGA Bylaws

The SGA bylaws are a set of rules adopted by the Student Senate to assist in governing its own meetings and affairs as well as defining the jobs and responsibilities of each of the elected officials within SGA.


Code of Elections

This is the most recent document adopted by the Student Senate. This code establishes and clearly defines the process and procedure for Senate, Executive, and Homecoming Court elections.


Homecoming Court Guidelines

The practice of electing a Homecoming Court is to both serve as an honor to the individual and to instill school pride amongst students and provide a positive role model and expectation of service, leadership, and citizenship for the student body.


SGA Academic Appeals Policy

If a student feels that there have been extenuating or mitigating circumstances that resulted in them not being able to meet the GPA requirement for SGA, he/she can appeal this requirement by submitting in writing or via email a letter explaining his/her extenuating or mitigating circumstance to the Dean of Students to set up an appeal’s hearing.



Resolutions are documents passed through the Student Senate that affect policy or make a statement or stance on a particular issue.  Resolution's content can range from parking space assignments to constitutional revisions. If there is an issue that is of high concern to you, talk to your senator about introducing a resolution to have the Senate discuss the matter.

Past resolutions are available for review in the SGA archives. Contact the SGA Secretary at to set up an appointment to view the records.

Student Activity Budget Committee

More commonly known as SABC, this committee is charged with advising the university president in the budgeting and administration of all student activity fees.  The committee, which advises and counsels the university president in these decisions, is comprised of the SGA Executive Board and chaired by the SGA president.

The committee annually funds numerous student activities ranging from the various Student Life departments, student media, recognized student organizations (RSOs) and the student activity fee reserve account.  All payments from student activity fee funds are made according to the appropriate business practices of Georgia College & State University.

The complete SABC guidelines and process for requesting funds can be found on the Student Life website or downloaded here in a PDF format.

Student Travel Funding