Student Travel Funding & Support

So, you've been accepted to present at a conference or thinking about attending a conference to learn more about a particular subject and you are needing financial assistance to support the conference and its travel-related expenses. 


There are a number of resources at Georgia College & State University that can provide the travel support needed to allow for greater peace of mind as you explore these options. For research and creative endeavors presentations, select "Mentored Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors." For all other conference participation funding requests, select "Student Government Association."

Mentored Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors 

MURACE, as it's commonly referred to, consists of original research or creative endeavors conducted under the supervision of GCSU faculty or teaching staff for the purpose of presentation or performance at a scholarly conference. This office provides up to $500 in travel support for the first author and up to $300 for the second author (only two author/presenters maximum per presentation) in travel support for students presenting their original mentored research at a research conference or creative endeavors scholarly event/scholarly conference. A student may receive no more than $1,000 in reimbursement in any one academic year.

Submissions of applications for undergraduate student research travel funding can begin the first week of classes of the every fall semester and can continue until budgeted travel funds have been depleted. Applications for MURACE travel support are reviewed every Wednesday.  To receive prompt consideration of your application, you must submit it no later than 5 p.m. on Tuesday. Applications received after 5 p.m. on Tuesdays will be reviewed the Wednesday of the following week. 


Student Government Association

The Student Travel Fund Committee (STFC) of Georgia College's Student Government Association (SGA) provides travel support that is available to Georgia College students who are presenting academic research or participating in an educational conference or competition for enrichment purposes throughout the year. Students that are presenting academic research at an educational conference or competition may receive eighty percent (80%) of the requested funds with a cap amount not exceeding $400. Students wishing to attend an educational conference or competition for enrichment purposes may receive eighty percent (80%) of the requested funds with a cap amount not exceeding $200. A student may only receive STFC funding once per academic year. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to receive STFC funding?
If you are a currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate student and presenting academic research or participating in an educational conference or competition for enrichment purposes then, yes, you qualify for funding from STFC.

What is the difference between STFC and MURACE funding?
The primary difference is whether or not you have conducted original research or creative endeavors under the supervision of GCSU faculty or teaching staff for the purpose of presentation or performance at a scholarly conference. If you have, then you are eligible to apply for MURACE funding; if not, STFC funding is an alternative. You cannot qualify for both MURACE and SGA funding.

If I am attending a conference but not presenting, can I still apply and receive funding?
From STFC, yes, you can apply and receive funding for attending a conference or competition for enrichment purposes. 

What exactly can the funding be used for?
The funding can be used for most travel-related expenses such as hotel rooms, hotel parking, airfare, baggage fees, ground transportation (e.g. Uber, Lyft), registrations, vehicle rentals, and gasoline purchased for vehicles (mileage reimbursements are prohibited). Unlike funding from MURACE, STFC funding can't be used for meals.

Are there stipulations on what the funding can be used for?
Yes, while the funding can be used for many travel-related expenses (listed above), there are some expenses the funding is not authorized to be used for such as: food, beverages, entertainment, valet services for parking (when self-parking options are available), fees for choosing particular airline seats, travel insurance, and lodging booked through a private residence which includes but is not limited to such online sites as Airbnb, HomeAway, etc. 

What all must I do before my trip?
There are a couple of things that you should do before applying for funding:

  1. Complete and submit a student travel funding application (see "Apply for Funding" button below). 
  2. Complete, sign, and submit a GCSU Liability Waiver Form.
  3. Meet with the Student Travel Funding Committee to present your funding request.

Is there a preferred time I should apply for funding?
This all depends on your conference or event date, however, it is recommended you complete and submit your application at least 72 hours prior to your departure date. 

Can I obtain additional funding in addition to what I apply for with STFC?
Yes, however, you will need to disclose this information during the application process. STFC can only provide up to $400 to reimburse the costs of your conference participation. Your college or department may have additional funding to supplement the travel support you receive from STFC; however, you should first work with your college or department to secure funding for your travel needs. Please contact the Honor’s College if you are an Honor’s student; your Dean’s Office if you are in the College of Business & Technology, the College of Education, or the College of Health Sciences; your Department Chairperson if your major is in the College of Arts and Sciences. If your expenses exceed the amount that is covered by your academic program or college, you are encouraged to submit a proposal to STFC for additional funding.

Is there anything I need to remember when I am at the conference or event?
Yes, it is important to save originals of all of your travel-related receipts. Additionally, make notes of your reflections on the conference experience as you will be required to share your reflections upon your return to campus.

When do I need to have everything completed and submitted to STFC to ensure I receive my reimbursement?
All documentation and requirements need to be completed and submitted to STFC within 15 business days from the date of return from the conference or competition. 

When do I actually receive the funding?
STFC funding is on a reimbursement basis only. Though you may be allocated funding from the committee before your trip, you still must initially pay the full amount by yourself. After your trip and upon presentation of the required documentation, a reimbursement check will be mailed to you or be made available for pick up. 

Where do I submit all my receipts and other documentation?
Upon return from your conference or competition, you will need to complete STFC's Post-Travel Report within 15 business days. 


To assist in your research, application, and/or submission of documentation for funding, here are a number of documents that are conveniently listed and other resources:

Required Documents for STFC Travel Support

Listed below are a number of required documents that are needed to be completed and submitted in advance or upon your return to campus:

  • Georgia College Waiver: A liability release, waiver, discharge, and covenant not to sue. 
  • Travel Reimbursement Form: Click on and download this reimbursement form. If you need assistance completing the form, please contact the SGA Treasurer. IMPORTANT: You should include the travel dates and the costs of the registration fee and fuel costs. 
  • W-9 Form: When you complete the W-9 form, check the "Individual/sole proprietor or single-member LLC" box in section 3 of the form. Don't forget to sign and date the form (towards the middle of page one).
  • Post-Travel Report: This report will need to be completed and submitted within 10 business days from the date of your return from the conference or competition.

Academic Calendar 

Review all the important academically-related dates and deadlines.


If you have any questions about the travel funding application or reimbursement process, please contact the SGA Treasurer  at: or 478-445-2801. The Office of the Treasurer is located in the Student Activities Center, Room 105.