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The Department of Student Involvement functions as a resource to connect students to engagement opportunities through various events, activities, and organizations. The department is committed to creating co-curricular experiences through student engagement and development, and striving to enhance students' connectedness to the university.

Want to learn about ways to get involved by seeing what events are taking place in Campus Life each day?  Stay connected by downloading the Guidebook App and the Georgia College Activities & Events guide.

Guidebook is an app that is used nation-wide for conferences , activities across campuses and for a wide range of events. Now, you can download it to your phone and have real-time access to events and much more. You can even add events directly to your own personal calendar from the app. The app also connects you to a campus map, weather, directory and resources within campus life and other social media!

Go ahead and download it today:

Tap the green “download the guide ” button
Download the free Guidebook app from your app store
Open the Guidebook app and search for the guide: “Georgia College Activities & Events”

Note: If it does not directly go to the Georgia College Activities and Events guide, search under “Find Guides”. Be sure to search “everywhere” and not “this space.”

Open the Georgia College Activities & Events guide!
Click on the hamburger menu in the top left corner of the guide and explore all the great features!





Have you been longing for late night programming? Seeking something fun to do with your Bobcat friends? All your programming dreams are coming true! Bobcat Nights is an evening programming initiative to keep students engaged.

Check out our calendar of events:

For more information about Bobcat Nights and other events happening each day be sure to download the free Guidebook app and the GC Activities & Events Guide!

For more info about ways to get involved, visit

Or contact us at:

Department of Student Involvement