About Us

The Information Technology team works collaboratively to support the technology needs of Georgia College from pillars of excellent customer service, consistent communication, and dependable information security practices. Our goal is to be more than merely a technology service provider but to be a partner and trusted advisor in meeting your institutional and academic goals.

The best way to get technical assistance is by contacting our Serve Help Desk. No matter the need, someone at Serve can connect you with the right person or resource. Please feel free to reach out to us if we can help solve a technical issue, provide options for potential software/hardware needs, offer guidance on information technology safety practices, or brainstorm about new ideas and innovations.

Finally, please help us help you by providing your input. Let us know how we can better assist you by participating in one of our advisory committees or by contacting me directly at 478-445-1196 or CIO@gcsu.edu

Susan Kerr
Chief Information Officer

Information Technology

Mission:   Enabling and enhancing the global, student-centered liberal arts experience at Georgia College with exemplary, modern, efficient, inclusive technology resources and services.

Enterprise Applications

Our mission is to support and provide technical expertise facilitating and enhancing efficient enterprise applications consistent with a preeminent liberal arts university.

Staff Contact Information:

James Carlisle
Director of Enterprise Applications
Email: james.carlisle@gcsu.edu
Phone:  478-445-8137

Michelle Hightower
Senior Database Architect
Email: michelle.hightower@gcsu.edu
Phone:  478-445-2808

John Johnson
Senior Applications Systems Analyst
Email: john.johnson2@gcsu.edu
Phone:  478-445-5287

Stephanie Jones - Retired on June 30, 2021.  
Senior Applications Systems Analyst  

David Smith
Enterprise Architect Specialist
Email: david.smith@gcsu.edu
Phone:  478-445-5801

Infrastructure | Network and Telecommunication Services, System Administration and Web Development

James Lunsford
Senior Director of IT Infrastructure
Email: James.lunsford@gcsu.edu
Phone: 478-445-5279

Network and Telecommunication Services
Our mission is to enable a seamless, reliable network environment embedded with proactive planning consistent of a preeminent liberal arts university. 

Staff Contact Information:
Chris Hindman
Network Services Manager
Email: chris.hindman@gcsu.edu
Phone: 478-445-8700

Cheyenne Dixon
Network Engineer
Email: Cheyenne.dixon@gcsu.edu
Phone: 478-445-8700

John Lisse
Network Engineer
Email: john.lisse@gcsu.edu
Phone: 478-445-8700

Tyler Scroggs
Network Engineer
Email: tyler.scroggs@gcsu.edu
Phone: 478-445-8700

System Administration and Web Development
Our mission is to design, implement, secure and maintain the cyberinfrastructure while serving as a technological and instructional resource consistent with a preeminent liberal arts university.

Staff Contact Information:
Jamie DeFoor
Director of System Administration and Web Development Team
Email: jamie.defoor@gcsu.edu
Phone: 478-445-8660

John Donaldson
System Administrator
Email: john.donaldson@gcsu.edu
Phone: 478-445-8660

Fred Godin
System Administrator
Email: fred.godin@gcsu.edu
Phone: 478-445-8660

Timothy Hasty
System Administrator
Email: timothy.hasty@gcsu.edu
Phone: 478-445-8660

Quanisha Montgomery
Web Developer
Email: quanisha.montgomery@gcsu.edu
Phone: 478-445-8660

Ashley Waddell
Web Developer
Email: ashley.waddell@gcsu.edu
Phone: 478-445-8660

Crystal Walden
System Administrator
Email: crystal.walden@gcsu.edu
Phone: 478-445-8660

Brant Wells
System Administrator
Email: brant.wells@gcsu.edu
Phone: 478-445-8660


Operations and Planning

Our mission is to provide transparent planning processes ensuring clear communication and documentation aligned with our preeminent liberal arts mission.

Staff Contact Information:
Cindy Bowen
Director of Operations
Email: cindy.bowen@gcsu.edu
Phone:  478-445-7177

Megan Frazier
Administrative Assistant II
Email:  megan.frazier@gcsu.edu
Phone: 478-445-1196

Maria Gordon
Operations Manager
Email:  maria.gordon@gcsu.edu
Phone: 478-445-1008

Security and Compliance

The mission is to manage risk, ensure safeguards and regulatory compliance for cyber security essential for a preeminent liberal arts university.

Hance Patrick
Information Security and Compliance Officer
Email: hance.patrick@gcsu.edu
Phone:  478-445-6354

Technology Support

Our mission is to provide seamless technology resources with an emphasis on effectiveness and efficiencies as a proactive partner of our preeminent liberal arts mission.

Technology Support Services

Sonny McKenzie

Director of Technology Support Services
Email: sonny.mckenzie@gcsu.edu
Phone:  478-445-1012

Classroom Support Contact Information:

Edgardo Delgado
Technology Support Specialist III
Email: edgardo.delgado@gcsu.edu
Phone:  478-445-5293

Tyler Laster
Technology Support Specialist II
Email: tyler.laster@gcsu.edu
Phone:  478-445-8707

Angie Moxley
Technology Support Specialist III
Email: angie.moxley@gcsu.edu
Phone:  478-445-1016

Serve Help Desk Contact Information:

Patricia Hightower
Help Desk Operations Manager
Email: patricia.hightower@gcsu.edu
Phone:  478-445-2954

DiShonda Pittman
Technology Support Specialist II
Email: dishonda.pittman@gcsu.edu
Phone:  478-445-4219

Irwin Reese
Technology Support Specialist II
Email: irwin.reese@gcsu.edu
Phone:  478-445-8581

Tech Support Contact Information:
Taria Crump

Email: taria.crump@gcsu.edu
Phone:  478-445-1017

Chris Harris
Technology Support Specialist II
Email: chris.harris@gcsu.edu
Phone:  478-445-8501

Spencer Simmons
Technology Support Specialist II
Email: spencer.simmons@gcsu.edu
Phone:  478-445-8705

Joel Stair
Technology Support Specialist II
Email: joel.stair@gcsu.edu
Phone:  478-445-1015

Sam Umoh
Technology Support Specialist II
Email: sam.umoh@gcsu.edu
Phone:  478-445-8501