GCSU's Quality Enhancement Plan: Bobcats FIRST

Georgia College & State University's QEP, Bobcats FIRST

What is a Quality Enhancement Plan?

The Quality Enhancement Plan is a component of SACSCOC's decennial comprehensive review for reaffirmation of accreditation. The QEP is a program or initiative focused on improving student learning and/or student success and reflects the university's commitment to continually enhancing institutional quality and effectiveness. The QEP is implemented over a period of five years.  

Bobcats FIRST

In the spring semester of 2022, GCSU embarked on our QEP topic selection process. A campus-wide call for proposals and series of votes to narrow down the topics resulted in the selection of Bobcats FIRST: Finding Inner Resilience and Skills to Thrive, a plan centered on student mental health and wellbeing.

Bobcats FIRST focuses on four domains of wellbeing that contribute to overall mental health: emotional, physical, social, and intellectual. These domains were derived from the Eight Dimensions of Wellness and reflect the areas of attention GCSU students need to thrive during college and beyond. Bobcats FIRST will provide numerous touchpoints for students, with programs and initiatives happening both inside and out of the classroom. Most students will encounter Bobcats FIRST programming naturally as they experience campus life at GCSU.

QEP Development Committee

Dr. Cara Smith, Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Emily Jarvis, AVP for Student Health and Wellbeing
Dr. Chris Ferland, AVP for Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Rachel Pope, Health & Fitness Educator
Dr. Dana Gorzelany-Mostak, Associate Professor of Music
Dr. Jan Hoffmann, Professor of Rhetoric

QEP Design & Implementation Committee

Dr. Cara Smith, Co-chair
Emily Jarvis, Co-chair
Dr. Cynthia Alby, College of Education
Nolan Baugh, Wellness & Recreation
Kayla Brownlow, Human Resources
Lori Burns, Residence Life
Dr. Angie Childre, Student Health Services
Kaitley Congdon, Graduate Student
Dr. Kristina Dandy, College of Arts & Sciences
Dr. Sara Doude, College of Arts & Sciences
Helen DuPree, College of Health Sciences
Dr. Chris Ferland, Academic Affairs
Shannon Gardner, Academic Affairs
Melissa Gerrior, Student Inclusion & Belonging
Dr. Dana Gorzelany-Mostak, College of Arts & Sciences
Jamie Gray, Counseling Center
Dr. Lisa Griffin, College of Health Sciences
Dr. Whitney Heppner, College of Arts & Sciences
Dr. Stephanie Jett, College of Arts & Sciences
Liz Newlin, Student
Abby Pollock, Student
Rachel Pope, Wellness & Recreation
Amy Whatley, Student Care & Outreach
Dr. Aric Wilhau, College of Business & Technology
Andrea Wolverton, Counseling Center

Info for Students

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