Fitness Programs

General Rules and Expectations

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All patrons are responsible for knowing and following the policies and guidelines stated in the handbook.

General Rules and Expectations

  • All individuals exercise at their own risk. If assistance is needed, the Fitness Assistant is available to provide basic assistance and instruction on the proper use of equipment. The dress code must be followed at all times. All personal belongings must be stored in the cubbies – no gym bags, jackets, backpacks, or any large personal items are permitted on the fitness floor. Water and sports drinks in sealable containers are the only beverages allowed, and no food is allowed.
  • Participants must wipe down equipment after use with the disinfectant wipes located around the fitness floor. Equipment should be placed back in its proper location prior to use.
  •  If you experience lightheadedness, dizziness, nausea, or any other discomfort, discontinue your workout and seek help immediately. Report any injuries, damage to equipment, and issues with facilities to the Fitness Assistant or nearest staff member.
  • Participants should be considerate of other users at all times. This includes, but is not limited to, respecting the equipment, facilities, and staff at all times, keeping walkways clear, limiting extended time on one machine, limiting phone usage while working out, and limiting excessive socializing or group congregation.
  • Chalk, power, spray adhesive, or any other substance for powerlifting is not permitted on the fitness floor. Collars and locks must be used on all free-weight bars during use. Do not drop, slam, or lean weights against walls, mirrors, benches, or equipment. It is always recommended to use a spotter at all press stations.
Group Fitness Class/Studio Policies

Group Fitness Class Registration 

The WRC utilizes IM Leagues for Group Fitness Classes. 

To Participate: 
1. *Log into IM Leagues
2. Purchase the Group Fitness Class Pass. Cost: $10/Semester
3. Pre-Register for the classes you want to attend on IM Leagues.
4. Check-In with the Fitness Assistant when you get here!  

*GCSU Students log into IM Leagues using your Unify credentials.
Non-Student Members can purchase the Group Fitness Class Pass at the Member Services Desk, and an account will be created for you.
  • Pre-registration for group fitness classes will open on Sundays at 12 p.m. for all classes the following week.
  • Check-in for group fitness classes can begin 30 minutes before the start of the class with the fitness assistant on duty.  
  • 5 Minutes prior to class beginning: 
    • All pre-registered participants must be checked in. 
    • Wait-listed participants will be allowed to join the class if the class capacity has not been reached. 
  • Participants may not enter the class 10 minutes after the class time has started.  

Studio Usage 

The Group Fitness Studio may be used outside of class times by checking in/out with the fitness assistant on duty. Students wanting to utilize the group fitness room must leave an I.D. card with the fitness assistant and retrieve their card upon checking out of the room.  

When a group fitness class is not in session, no more than 3 users can utilize the group fitness room at a time without a reservation.  

  • Registered Student Organizations (RSO’s) and University departments may request a studio reservation using the University’s space reservation system (25Live), in accordance with University facility reservation policies and procedures. 
  • Groups of 3 or more individual students may request to use the studio for an informal reservation. Informal reservations can be requested by contacting WRC professional staff overseeing Fitness operations. Contact information is available at the Fitness Assistant desk. Requests must be made at least 7 business days in advance. WRC staff members will contact the request to confirm or deny the request. 

Studio Policies 

  • Water and sports drinks in resealable, screw top containers are the only beverages allowed. 
  • No food is allowed in the studio.
  • Proper exercise attire is required. See Dress Code.
  • Only non-marking shoes are allowed.
  • Report any injuries or equipment problems immediately to the class instructor.
  • Wellness and Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • All personal items must be stored in cubbies or lockers.
  • Only Wellness and Recreation staff are allowed to use the stereo and audio equipment. 
  • Mobile devices are strictly prohibited during group fitness classes. 
  • Plan to complete the entire warm up and cool down.
  • Multiple failures to adhere to instructor cues will result in class suspension.
  • No fitness equipment from the fitness floor may be brought into the group fitness room. 
  • All group fitness equipment is to remain in the Group Fitness Studio and stored properly. 
  • No dropping equipment. 
  • Do not touch mirrors. 
  • Spinning: In addition to the above-listed group fitness studio policies, please adhere to the following Spin class policies: 

    • Wipe down the bike, including seat and handrails when finished.
    • Disinfectant wipes are provided. 
    • Place bikes back in correct storage position before leaving the class. 
    • Spin bikes are not for use when spin classes are not in session.  

Group Fitness Class Schedule - Spring 2024

Spring 2024 Group Fitness Class schedule

Group Fitness Class Descriptions - Spring 2024


Instructor: Zack

Class Time: Sunday @ 6pm

Category: Cardio/Strength 

Class Description:


Instructor: Kendall

Class Time: Sunday & Tuesday @ 7pm

Category: Mind/Body

Description: A strengthening Pilates class focused on smaller movements, more control, and improving physical and mental wellbeing.


Instructor: Izzy

Class Time: Monday & Wednesday @ 7am

Category: Cardio/Strength

Description: Bootcamp style class which involves interval training to get your heart rate up and work different parts of the body.


Dance Cardio

Instructor: Lexi

Class Time: Monday @ 5:15pm & Thursday @ 6:30pm

Category: Dance

Description: Dance Cardio is a Zumba-like class that combines movement and choreography to help you work up a sweat. Boost your cardio and confidence in a fun and welcoming environment!


HipHop Dance

Instructor: Julia

Class Time: Tuesday @ 5pm & 8pm

Category: Dance

Description: Hip Hop Dance is a studio class that includes cardio and aerobics. We will learn a combination of traditional hip-hop steps blended with viral dances.

Fit 30

Instructor: Audrey

Class Time: Monday & Wednesday @ 6:15pm

Category: Cardio/Strength

Description: This class utilizes various fitness modalities such as cardio, yoga, stretch, and resistance to strengthen all main muscle groups. This class is the best of both worlds.


Spin w/ Audrey

Instructor: Audrey

Class Time: Monday & Thursday @ 7pm

Category: Cardio

Description: Experience the thrill of indoor cycling in this motivating, heart-pumping class

Spin It With Macy

Instructor: Macy

Class Time: Tuesday @ 7am & Thursday @ 5pm

Category: Cardio

Description: Come spin !! It will be an hour dedicated to a distraction from life, and a tool to get through the toughness of life. Come and dance, sing and get a sweat on with me! It’s going to be a high energy class leaving you with positive energy! 

Spin w/ Steven

Instructor: Steven

Class Time: Tuesday @ 4pm

Category: Cardio


Spin Hybrid

Instructor: Amy

Class Time: Tuesday @ 6pm

Category: Cardio/Strength 

Description: In this class, we will spend half the time on the bike and the other half working various muscles. This workout will get your cardio and strength training in for the day.


Vinyasa Yoga

Instructor: Mari

Class Time: Monday @ 8pm & Thursday @ 5pm

Category: Mind/Body

Description: Vinyasa Yoga: muscle building and high energy yoga


Water Work

Instructor: Rachel

Class Time: Tuesday & Thursday @ 10am

Category: Aquatics

Description: Water Works is an aqua-class that includes low impact training, cardio, and resistance. We will work with resistance bands, foam weights, and noodles.


Swim For Fitness

Instructor: Samantha

Class Time: Tuesday @ 6:30pm

Category: Aquatics

Description: We will work on cardio, stroke technique, and overall fitness while having fun at the same time. It will be adapted for different swim levels, but participants must know how to swim. 

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