Membership Information

The Department of Wellness and Recreation, located within the Georgia College Wellness and Recreation Center, offers memberships for GC students, employees, and the general community aged 18 and over. Memberships may be purchased at the WRC Welcome Desk or online.

All members of the WRC must adhere to all rules and regulations. To view the WRC User Policies and Guidelines Handbook, click here

GC Students

GC Student Memberships

 1. GC Student Membership (Fee-Paying Student)

WRC Membership is included in the mandatory student fees paid by fully-enrolled GC students taking on-campus courses. Membership status updates at the start of each semester. Membership continues over the Summer for students who are enrolled in one or more on-campus class over Summer break. Memberships are automatically applied to student accounts.

2. Non-Fee Paying Student Membership

GC Students who are enrolled in on-line only courses, and some Graduate level courses, may not be required to pay student fees. Non-fee paying students have the option to purchase a Student Membership.  Membership fee is payable by credit/debit card at the WRC Member Services desk.  (Student Health Services access is NOT included) COST:  $35/month or $175/semester

3. Student Summer Fee

The Summer Fee is available to GC students who were enrolled for Spring semester, and are enrolled for the upcoming Fall semester, but are not enrolled in a fee-paying (on-campus) class over Summer break. Alumni and Transfer students are not eligible for this membership.  This option is available from May through August and includes access to the WRC as well as Student Health Services. Payment may be made at the Member Services desk or at Student Health Services.  COST:  $50/Summer

GC Employees

GC Faculty/staff memberships

Memberships are available to full-time, benefit-eligible faculty and staff. Employment status verification is required prior to purchase.  Join anytime. All memberships may be purchased in person at the WRC. Payroll deduction memberships must be purchased in person. No contracts. No cancelation fees .   
COST: $25/month

1. Recurring, No-End-Date Monthly Membership

  • Paid by Credit or Debit Card
    • Available for purchase online
    • Payment method is saved for automatic monthly billing. Billing occurs the first week of every month
    • First month's membership fee is pro-rated
  • Paid by Payroll Deduction
    • Must be purchased in person at the Member Services desk
    • First month's membership fee is pro-rated and must be paid by credit or debit card at time of purchase
    • Memberships purchased on/after payroll deadline must also pay $25 membership fee for upcoming month at time of purchase
    • Bi-weekly paid employees are billed $12.50/per paycheck. (max. twice in one month) Monthly paid employees are billed $25/paycheck

2. Recurring, June 30th End Date, Payroll Deduction Membership

  • Perfect for employees paid on a 10-month payroll cycle
    • Same as Paid by Payroll Deduction above, except membership is set to end automatically on June 30th

3. Month-by-Month Membership

  • 1-Month 
    • Available for purchase online
    • Single payment by credit or debit card
    • Membership automatically ends one-month from purchase date.
  • Multiple Months Pre-Paid for 3, 6, 9 or 12 Months
    • Available for purchase online
    • Single payment by credit or debit card
    • Membership end automatically on last day paid for
Community Members

Members of the community, age 18 and over, are welcome to purchase WRC memberships by the day or month. This category includes the spouses, partners, or adult family members of GC students, employees, and retirees; as well as those not affiliated with Georgia College.

  • Community Members | Paid by Credit/Debit Card – No cash accepted
    • $50/Month
    • Per Month, Pre-paid for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months
    • Recurring No End Date
    • Payable at the WRC Welcome Desk or Online
      • Online Membership subject to age verification

For any questions regarding the online portal or to set up an account, please contact the Front Desk.

Membership Cancelations
    • All memberships are eligible for cancelation with the exception of the standard GC student membership
    • Membership will remain in effect until an ONLINE CANCELATION FORM is received and approved by Department staff.
    • Membership cancelations requested mid-month will not be eligible for full or partial refunds.
    • Members understand and agree that they are responsible for satisfying the membership dues each month, and may be charged $25 for insufficient funds. Member also understands that the authorized amount is subject to change annually.

Please visit our Membership Policies and User Expectation Guide for full Membership details and limitations.