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Personal Training

Exercise Science Practicum II Students are looking for Faculty and Staff Employee Members of the WRC to participate in Personal Training. Through your participation, the Practicum II Students are gaining valuable clinical experience. 


  • Students are not certified personal trainers.
  • Employees must be a monthly-paying member of the Wellness and Recreation Center. At this time, only full-time, benefit-eligible GCSU employees qualify to purchase memberships. 

Selected participants will need to commit to completing a minimum of 10 weeks of training for at least 2 hours per week.  All Wellness and Recreation Personal Training Policies will apply.  Individual fitness programs are developed and tailored to meet each client's needs. Students will provide proper exercise instruction, guidance and motivation to help clients achieve their personal health and fitness goals. Fitness testing and consultation will be conducted before and after the 10-week training period.

  • Applicants will be matched with a student trainer by the Practicum Instructor. Please understand that trainers are full-time students with limited availability. Not all applicants are guaranteed a match.

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Be sure to provide all available days and times you can work with a trainer.
You can expect to be contacted within 7 days of your application being received.


The Student Practicum Personal Training Program is limited to GCSU employees who are WRC members. The program is not designed for pre or post-natal women, individuals on medication or under the direct care of a physician, or individuals with physiological injury. Individuals with pre-existing conditions or special needs should obtain clearance and instructions from their attending physician prior to participation. In order for the students to fulfill their course requirement, participants must agree to commit to the program for a minimum of 2 hours a week for ten weeks.