Brand Messaging

What is our brand?

Georgia College promises to give our students the skills to navigate life. We deliver on this by integrating learning and inquiry with life-changing real-world experiences and career development, both inside and outside the classroom. Our students, faculty, staff and alumni are curious, determined, engaged, passionate, welcoming and aspire to be preeminent in all things.

What is our slogan?

Think Independently. Lead Creatively.

A slogan is a short phrase that represents a product or organization. Through much research, we arrived at “Think Independently. Lead Creatively.” It’s a way to unpack our liberal arts mission in a way someone unfamiliar with the concept can understand it. The goal is that over time, when used consistently, this will become the identifying attribute of Georgia College.

How to use the slogan

We encourage you to use the slogan, “Think Independently. Lead Creatively.” When using this slogan, please follow these guidelines:

  • Note the use of periods.
  • No italic or bolding.

If you are in the need of a graphic representation, please email for assistance.

Why does our slogan matter and where will you see it?

The slogan embodies who we are and how we want others to know us. You will see this everywhere from publications to advertising, letterhead and essentially anywhere you see the Georgia College logo or a visual representation of the university. It will also be the mantra used to define the types of stories we tell.

Does my story exemplify the brand?

University Communications is always looking to share stories that further the brand of the university. We use a variety of platforms to communicate how our students, faculty, staff, and alumni “Think Independently. Lead Creatively.” Please share your ideas with us.

Here’s a few ideas of the kinds of stories we look for.

  • Students leading both inside and outside the classroom
  • Faculty challenging students to think independently, creatively and critically
  • Alumni who have become innovative and creative leaders
  • Staff who think outside the box to provide personal attention and dedication to every student

Positioning statement

Georgia College is the selective, nationally preeminent public liberal arts university that intentionally integrates learning and inquiry with life-changing real-world experiences and career development, both inside and outside the classroom.

We attract high-performing students who want to enthusiastically pursue their passions and explore their leadership potential while embracing a dynamic campus and community life. Our rigorous academics open minds and broaden worldviews so students learn to thrive on complexity, diversity and change.

Our respected professors are passionate about teaching and challenge students to think independently, creatively and critically. Our personal attention and dedication to every student’s success guides their progression to becoming versatile, talented

Our beautiful, historic campus offers an inspiring intellectual environment that evokes a sense of community and campus pride. We prepare the next generation of critical thinkers to be innovative and creative leaders in a rapidly-changing, complex world.

Brand Promise: Skills to navigate life

Brand Personality:

  • Aspiring
  • Curious
  • Determined
  • Engaged
  • Passionate
  • Welcoming