Vision, Values & Mission

From its founding as a women’s educational center in 1889, our institution has consistently been a destination for students looking to make a difference in the world. We are Georgia’s designated public liberal arts university. More importantly, we teach every student how to learn; and we strive to instill a lifelong passion for learning that serves our students well regardless of the career paths they choose. Georgia College & State University is located in Milledgeville, a charming, traditional southern town less than a two-hour drive from Atlanta.


Georgia College & State University will be a nationally preeminent public liberal arts university.


The Georgia College experience, which is rooted in the liberal arts and provides the foundation for a lifetime of learning, growth, and academic excellence, is based on these shared values:

  • The pursuit of knowledge and truth for the public good
  • The transformative effect of service, leadership, and collaborative engaged learning experiences both in and beyond the classroom
  • Ethical principles including integrity, altruism, reason, respect, and responsibility in discourse and actions
  • Diversity and inclusion in all forms.

Mission Statement

Georgia College & State University is the state’s only designated public liberal arts university. 

We fulfill this mission through a commitment to:

An Expansive Educational Experience

We challenge our students through exemplary teaching. The Georgia College student will think clearly and critically in creatively addressing social issues.

Undergraduate study encompasses multi-disciplinary intellectual encounters with both enduring and contemporary questions, intensive study in the major, exposure to artistic endeavors, opportunities for scholarly research, and capstone experiences that integrate and apply learning.

Post-baccalaureate programs bridge the gap between theory and practice with a focus on regional needs, preparing graduates for professional advancement, lifelong intellectual pursuits, and informed participation in today’s complex society.

Highly Intentional Engagement

We collaborate with community partners to address mutually identified needs while advancing students’ academic and civic learning, in crafting informed, global citizens ready to serve the public good.  Engagement opportunities include undergraduate research, study abroad, internships, community service, and leadership experiences, both in and outside the classroom.

Diversity and Inclusive Excellence

We foster a sense of belonging within a campus community that values diversity of intellectual thought, experiences and identifications. Georgia College faculty, staff, and students intentionally embrace inclusivity to advance excellence through diversity.

Preparation for Leadership

We encourage all students to develop a breadth of leadership competencies, including self-awareness, empathy for cultural differences, and effective interpersonal communication. Georgia College students become leaders through engagement with purposeful curricular and co-curricular leadership experiences.

-Approved by the Board of Regents October 2017

Strategic Goals

For more information about the strategic goals of Georgia College & State University please view the Strategic Planning website.