Community Based Engaged Learning


The C-bEL Designation is applied to courses and co-curricular projects (clubs, etc) that incorporate the following four criteria for Community-based Engaged Learning. Read the memo (pdf) presented to the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Committee on Nov 6, 2015.

Through Community-based Engaged Learning (C-bEL) …

  • students integrate theory and practice.
  • students have direct community experiences.
  • students participate in mutually beneficial collaborations with community partners.
  • students critically reflect on their community-based experiences


It helps GC document the impact of C-bEL on students, the institution and the community.
All C-bEL experiences are tagged in Banner for reporting purposes.
It helps your tudents complete their GC Journey!


Complete a project report at the end of each semester of implementation. 
Submit evaluations for each student on the Critical Reflection Rubric.  All scores should be submitted by the due date listed below.
Remind students to complete the pre- and post-surveys and/or provide time for them to complete it.  If you would like someone to come to your class to administer the survey to your students, please contact us.
Have your community partner complete the Community Partner Survey at the end of the semester.


CbEL at GC

How is CbEL defined and what are the benefits?