SAT/ACT Test Information

Georgia College will utilize only the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW)  and Math scores from the SAT and the English and Math scores from the ACT.  Georgia College will review the timed writing samples from these tests as part of the student's overall portfolio, but they are not required for review

The Redesigned SAT: The SAT is measured on a 1600 scale with Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing scores. At Georgia College, concordance between the old and new SAT will be based on a comparison of the new math section to the old math section, and new reading score to the old critical reading score.  Click here to access the new concordance tables. 

Superscoring: Georgia College does utilize superscoring for SAT and ACT. However, we cannot superscore redesigned (or "new") SAT scores with older versions of the SAT (prior to redesigned format) scores. Multiple scores of the same administration type can and will be superscored. Georgia College will look at multiple test dates that a student has taken and combine the highest scores in each section from across the different test dates to give a "Super Score" that may be higher than any individual score received. *Georgia College DOES NOT combine scores from the ACT and the SAT in a single superscore. 

University System of Georgia test score minimums:  Students are considered for admission based on a holistic process that examines their entire portfolio. Georgia College's averages are well above the established minimums. Meeting the minimums DOES NOT guarantee admission to GC. The minimums are:


440 section

480 section




Fall 2021 - Admitted Students - The average SAT was 1194 (EBRW + Math subscores only) and the average ACT composite was 27. The middle 50% of admitted students for Fall 2021 had SAT total scores ranging from 1120 to 1260 (EBRW + M subscores only), 24 to 29 ACT Composite scores.

  • The September ACT is the last ACT opportunity to be considered for Early Action admission.
  • The October SAT is the last SAT opportunity to be considered for Early Action admission.
  • The December SAT and ACT are the last test dates for scores to be eligible for scholarship consideration.
  • The February ACT is the final ACT opportunity for regular admission consideration. 
  • The March  SAT is the final SAT opportunity for regular admission consideration.

If you have taken the old SAT: Georgia College will continue to accept those scores from SAT until March of 2021. 

Institutional Codes

ACT: 0828
FICE: 001602

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