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Application Opens July 1

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Application Opens August 1

our Fall 2023 Freshman application OPENS SOON

Fall Freshman 2023 GA Futures application opens July 1 and the Common Application opens August 1. Prospective first-year students must meet all admission requirements, including satisfactory completion of the Required High School Curriculum and all other requested documentation.

If you have any questions about the undergraduate admissions process, please feel free to contact the Office of Admissions at or 478-445-1283. 

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Why Early Action?

Early Action is an accelerated college application process in which students must complete their application by October 15. Early action decisions are non-binding and applications are reviewed through the holistic admissions process.

Students who apply during early action are considered for Georgia College's most prestigious President's Scholarship Competition held in early December where over $200,000 worth of scholarships are awarded. 

Why Rolling Decision?

Rolling Decision (aka Regular Decision) provides applicants an opportunity to be reviewed at a later date in Georgia College's holistic admissions process. This gives students time to submit test scores taken after the Early Action timeline, include grades from their first semester of senior year, and gives a student more time to work on their application. 

Admissions Decision Schedule for Fall Semester 2023

If your file is Complete and Ready for Review by the date(s) below, a decision will be entered on the noted decision date:

October 15, 2022 (Early Action)*

*Early Action decisions will be posted by late November 2022. Check our social media accounts and emails for more information about when decisions will be available.

Beginning in January (after the early action deadline), decisions will be released on a monthly basis.

Please note: Completed and Ready for Review status means that ALL required application materials along with the Undergraduate Application have been received to the Office of Admissions.


In reviewing applications, the GC Office of Admissions uses a holistic admissions process. This process not only examines the students’ academic record but also takes into consideration the competencies and experiences (full spectrum) of an applicant. Therefore meeting the minimum admission requirement does not guarantee acceptance. Student applications are evaluated once the file is complete with all supporting documents received. Admission files should be complete by the indicated deadlines.

1. Undergraduate Application

The Fall 2023 application will open July 1

The Undergraduate application is used to apply as a first-year student. Please submit ONLY ONE application and use ONLY that application all the way through to submission. Submitting more than one application will most certainly delay your admission decision. *The Office of Admissions has no application preference 

*Currently enrolled Georgia College dual enrollment students are only required to submit an Undergraduate Update Form. Please note: Dual enrollment students will go through the same freshman admission review process and must meet the admission deadlines for all required admission materials.



Please note: You will be prompted to create an account before you can access our online application. This is a GAfutures and Common Application requirement.

2. Application Fee/Fee Waiver

Application Fee: The $35 (non-refundable) online application fee is payable at the time of application for first-year applicants. The paper application fee is $40 (non-refundable). If you submitted your application without paying the fee, you may do so through our payment portal

Fee Waiver:

First-year application processing fee is NOT required of students who have:

  • Previously applied to Dual Enrollment at Georgia College 
  • Received an application fee waiver

Students who receive a testing fee waiver will automatically receive College Application Fee Waivers from the test agency to use when applying to college. Students must send one of their official College Application Fee Waivers (not the test fee waiver) to the Georgia College Office of Admissions for the waiver to be accepted. Note: Waivers must be signed by the student and mailed or emailed.

Accepted application fee waivers: NACAC, Glimpse, NRCCUA, College Board (SAT), ACT

If you are exempt from paying the application fee, please select Fee Waiver” option on your application to avoid paying the application fee. 

Please note: Applicants are responsible for submitting their official fee waivers to the Office of Admissions.

3. Transcripts

Applicants are required to submit official high school transcripts to the GC Office of Admissions. Students who attended multiple high schools may be required to submit official transcripts from all schools (particularly if not all high school courses appear on the student's current high school transcript). 

If admitted, dual enrollment transcripts are required if any courses were taken at an institution/college while the student attended high school. For information about course equivalency and how courses taken at another institution transfer to Georgia College, please visit our Transfer Equivalency page. 

Official formats for receiving transcripts include:

College: ParchmentNational Student ClearinghouseMail
High School: GAfuturesParchmentCommonAppNaviance, and Mail

Mailed transcripts should be sent in an unopened envelope that was sealed by the school. 

Faxed documents and copies provided by the student are NOT considered official and will not be used for admission purposes. Courses from one institution that are listed on another high school and/or college transcript will not substitute for an official transcript. Prior educational experience may not be omitted from an application package.

4. Two Essay Questions (200-300 words each)

Essay Question 1: Given your own individual background, life experiences, and personal identity, how will you contribute to the overall diversity of the student body at GC?

Essay Question 2: Please describe the most important goal you have established for yourself regarding your future undergraduate experience and explain how a Georgia College education fits into accomplishing this goal.

Generally, essays are completed on the application. However, if sending the essays via mail or email, please include the applicant’s full name and birth date to ensure materials are updated to the correct application. Essays may be mailed to Campus Box 23, Milledgeville, GA 31061, or emailed as a Microsoft Word document to

*Currently enrolled Georgia College dual enrollment students are not required to submit essay responses.

Having trouble completing the essays through CommonApp? View the video tutorial below for a step-by-step guide.

Watch CommonApp Tutorial

5. Standardized Test Scores

Official score reports are sent directly to GC from the testing agency. Scores must be received prior to the appropriate application deadline. Please note: GC cannot request scores on your behalf.

The following are the Institutional Codes for GC:

  • SAT/ AP/CLEP: 5252
  • ACT: 0828

To learn more about how we use test scores, click the button below.




SAT Test Dates | ACT Test Dates 

6. Other Recommended Items

Fall 2019 Admitted First-Year Class Profile

The successful first-year applicant will demonstrate his or her potential for success by completing a rigorous Required High School Curriculum with a competitive grade point average, show strong SAT or ACT score results and provide well developed personal essays. The middle 50% of admitted students for Fall 2019 had SAT total scores ranging from 1140 to 1280 (EBRW + M subscores only), 24 to 29 ACT Composite scores and high school grade point averages ranging from 3.39 to 3.87 (calculated on unweighted academic courses only).

Note: These numbers are provided only as guidelines.

The deadline is November 1

for first-time freshmen who would like to apply for Spring 2023

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