Art History

In your art history and visual culture coursework, you'll delve into the world of art and critical theory spanning various periods, regions, and cultures. Through this journey, you'll foster a global perspective while enhancing your skills of critical analysis, problem solving, cross-disciplinary thinking, research and creative expression, collaboration, cultural awareness, attention to detail, and effective communication.

Careers in Art History & Visual Culture

Museum curator, museum marketing and public relations, museum education, digital humanities manager, scholar, university professor, K-12 art teacher, art appraiser, art lawyer, exhibit designer, art consultant, art and film editor, journalism/writer, art publishing, antiques dealer, art conservator and restorer, media design, grant writer, non-profit management, corporate collection curator, art authenticator, art librarian, and more.

After Graduating from Our Program

Our students have earned Master's and professional degrees from Harvard University, the University of Texas at Austin, Bard College, UGA, Georgia State University, the University of Kentucky, and Mercer Law School, to name a few.

They have begun careers at the Atlanta Woodruff Arts Center, Atlanta History Museum, Telfair Museums, Albany Museum of Art, LEO Events, R. Alexander Fine Art, Jekyll Island Museum, Andrew Howard Interior Design, the Mary Willis Library, the Bremen Museum, and Xpress Global Systems.

Art History & Visual Culture

Take a peek at what some of our students have done:

Studying prints and drawings in the Teylers Museum while on a GCSU faculty-led study abroad program in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

Ruben Yepes

Faculty and student presenting the research and website of the "Art, Covid-19 and Crisis in Latin America" project.

Art History Games

Faculty-mentored research and design project.

Art History Board Games

Play testing original board games made by teams of art history and studio art students. This game focused on Nazi-looted art during World War II.

Art History Special Collections

Learning to analyze original paintings, maps, and photographs from the Library Special Collections.

Visual Culture installation

Student installation created for the Contemporary Art class.

Visual Culture installation 2

Student performance of the Contemporary Art class.

Art History study abroad

A breathtaking glimpse of the Gothic stained glass windows of Sainte Chapelle in Paris.


Lively role-playing debate about the Italian Renaissance art competition to decorate the Florence Baptistery doors.