Students from any major at GCSU have the unique opportunity to explore a variety of subjects within the Department of Art by enrolling in courses designed for non-majors without any prerequisites. We are committed to aligning each student's individual goals with our course offerings. This flexible approach encourages interdisciplinary learning and broadens horizons beyond a student’s primary field of study. By fostering creativity, adaptability, and a well-rounded education, students are equipped for the ever-changing, dynamic world.

The following classes are offered for registration by both Art and non-Art majors with no pre-requisite requirements.

  • ARTS 1100 Art Appreciation  
  • ARTS 1110 Art and Ideas 
  • ARTS 1200 Two-Dimensional Design
  • ARTS 1201 Three-Dimensional Design
  • ARTS 1620 Introduction to the Computer in Art
  • ARTS 2510 Ceramics I  

The classes below are offered for non-Art majors and will be listed in the semester schedule with “Non-Major” included in the title field for available sections without pre-requisites.  Please review course offering for each semester.  

  • ARTS 1000 Drawing I Non-Major 
  • ARTS 2100 Painting I Non-Major
  • ARTS 2300 Printmaking I Non-Major
  • ARTS 2200 Photography I Non-Major 
  • ARTS 2400 Museum Studies I Non-Major  

To review course descriptions, visit Course Descriptions ARTS.