Painting Minor

student at easel

Students who minor in Painting are focused on developing visual literacy, technical competency, method and process, color/design concepts, content exploration, collaboration and cross-disciplinary approaches to painting.

Painting begins with developing ones technical vocabulary, artistic method and critical evaluation skills set within a cross-cultural context. Then, students continue to develop their artistic and critical thinking skills. Topics in the program include approaches to painting the human figure, material exploration and investigation of the expressive potential of painting. The Painting III course is dedicated to muralism. In this course students learn mural development, design and production within a cross-cultural art context. Students continue to build artistic skills as they work collaboratively on-site-specific mural projects within the community. Finally, Painting IV is a further investigation of the technical, expressive, and conceptual potential of the painting medium.

All Studio Minors are required to complete Drawing or Two Dimensional Design before enrolling in Minor classes, plus, one course in Art History.