Sculpture in Expanded Media Minor

white sculptures of faces on white wall

Sculpture in Expanded Media Minor is for art and non-art majors that provide the tools to drive innovation within the real world by merging art, creativity, and analytical thinking methods.  Students are introduced to both traditional and contemporary approaches and exposed to a variety of processes as well as the diversity of conceptual and technical approaches while simultaneously promoting creative expression through the multi-dimensional materials and methods. The emphasis of the courses is placed upon the development of knowledge, craftsmanship, creativity, originality of sculptural design, and installation art.  In the upper level of Sculpture in Expanded Media courses, students develop and pursue their theory and practice in art installation and maintain a research journal, documenting work, and build their strong portfolio.

Students examine the transformation and definition of space through the use of materials including hard and soft, flexible, found, and alternative materials.  One of the new developments in the area of study is incorporating 3D technology into the curriculum: 3D scanning and printing experience have been introduced in the curriculum and having the technology available within the classroom reflects the scope of instruction and Georgia College's commitment to forward-thinking educational environments.