Visiting Artists and Scholars Program


Visitors to our campus include multinational arts scholars, curators and working artists engaged in diverse visual practices. Through our Visiting Artists and Scholars Series, Museum Studies Concentration Capstone process, the Creative Arts Alliance student club, and collaborations with the Departments of Theatre, History, Government and Sociology, Music, Biology, and other disciplines, well-established, mid-career and emerging talents are brought in residence for our student and community audience. These guests welcome students in studio visits, group and private critiques, portfolio reviews, studio and public art workshops, fine art multiples editioning, exhibition curation, public lectures and collaborative performances.

Andres Mario de Varona 
Candida Borges 
Lindsay Godin 
Lincoln Cushing 
Hanna Newman 

Esteban Patiño
Sophie Daniel
Micah Goguen
Bill Boling
Alana Wolf-Johnson
Mina Choksi 

Jeffrey Valance
Carolina Ponce de León
Daniel Britton
Carlos Castro

Jeffry Mitchell
Naeemeh Naeemaei
Jason Tanner Young
Julie Bowland
Julie Walkerson
Pamela Longobardi
Sierra Busch

Judy Bales
Chastain Clark and Adam Crawford

Bob Batchelor
Glenn Gunhouse
Ariana Yandell
Jan Banning
Yasmin Golan
Alex Tunstall
Autumn Knight
Chuck Hemard
Curtis Stewardson
Jose Clemente Orozco
Sang-Duck Seo
Ben Krupka

Wosene Worke Kosrof
Rosalia Weiner
Dan Anderson
BIG INK with Lyell Castonguay
Joe Owens
Amanda McAdams
Sarah Heath

Paul Keene
Sarah Knouse

Juana Alicia

Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier
Henry Horenstein 
Gavin Rouille
Matthew Forrest 

Laura Bell 
Leon Johnson 
Eva Kwong 
Edgar Heap of Birds 
Matthew Sugarman 
Éric Marty 
Lisa Nappa 

Crystal Wagner 
James Luna  
Shaurya Kumar 
Dorothy Netherland 
Panhandle Slim
José Torres Tama 
Michele Schuff 
Henry Horenstein 

Richard A. Lou 
Michael Marks

Temma Balducci 
Mark Dion 
Chakaia Booker 
Jonathan Brilliant 
Matt Haffner 

Sue Coe 
Erin Hogan 
Shiva Ahmadi 
Craig Coleman 
Cynthia Brinich-Langlois    

2009 & Prior 
Tim Dooley and Aaron Wilson 
John Hitchcock 
Maria Buszek 
Guillermo Gomez Péna 
Cheryl Warrick

The Department of Art acknowledges with gratitude the support of the College of Arts and Sciences, the University, our campus and community partners and the many friends, colleagues and alumni that support these events.