Environmental Sciences B.S.

students gathering samples in the forest

Environmental sciences is a program of study designed for students to explore the interrelationships between human and natural systems. This is an interdisciplinary endeavor requiring insights from a variety of disciplines including biology, chemistry, geography, geology, the social sciences, political science and economics. Students completing this major are well prepared for employment in a variety of state and federal agencies, consulting firms or for admission into graduate school.

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences prepares students to explore the interrelationships between human and natural systems and to think critically and analytically in order to solve the environmental problems facing our society. Graduates are prepared for pursuing careers and advanced degrees in the field of biology and environmental sciences.

Research opportunities are available at the undergraduate level. The faculty view active research as an effective teaching tool. Graduates of the programs will be well trained, have a broad perspective on current biological and/or environmental science topics and concerns and have field and laboratory experience that will make them competitive in the job market or well prepared to continue their education.

Rigorous course work is intended to instill an appreciation for critical thinking, the scientific method and the role of science in our technologically oriented society. All departmental majors will receive thorough instruction in the scientific process and interpretation of scientific data along with experimental design and experience with modern instrumentation.