Faculty and Student Success

Student Awards

The Outstanding Senior in Creative Writing for 2021 is Natalie Miller.

The Outstanding Senior in Literature for 2021 is Patrick Sheets.

Congratulations to our award winners, and to all our 2020-2021 graduates!

Recent Student Achievements

Emily Allmond (MA ’20) has been accepted to PhD programs in English at UNC Greensboro and Georgia State University.

Emma Boggs (BA ’20) will be attending the MFA program in creative writing at UNC Greensboro.

Moriah Bray (MFA ’20) will be attending the PhD program in English literature at Georgia State.

Cooper Casale (MFA ’20) will be attending the PhD program in English literature at the University of Tulsa.

Katie Drummond (BA ’20) will be attending Lee University in TN for her MAT.

Catherine Maloney (BA ’20) will be attending UGA’s MA program in English.

Jaemon McLeod (MA ’20) will attend Auburn’s PhD Program in English.

Aurora Perez (BA '20) has been admitted to Georgia Tech.

Creative Writing undergraduates who have gone on to M.F.A. and other graduate programs include Jaycee Billington, Iowa Writer's Workshop; Erin Reardon, New Mexico State University; Robert Perry Ivey, GA State, M.A., Sarah Lawrence, M.F.A.; Rachel Estridge, Emerson College; Mikayla Avila Vila, Florida State U.; Joseph Linsey Gray; Florida State U.; Scott Long, U. of Minnesota; Natalie Sharp, U. of Colorado; Grayson Maxwell, Bowling Green; Hali Sofala, U. of Wisconsin, M.F.A., Ph.D, U. of Nebraska; Joshua Lavender, U. of Maryland; Eric Lockaby, U. of Southern Carolina; Arrie Brown, East Carolina, M.A.; Leanna Wharram, U. Tennessee, M.A.; Brett Chatham, M.A.; George Hulbert, Duke University, M.Ed.; Garlaine Luck, Georgia State U., M.Ed.; Lorien Campbell, UGA, M.ed; Chelsea Cobb, Emory U., M.Div.

Literature undergraduates who have gone on to to M.A. and Ph.D. Programs include Mikaela LaFave, Ph.D. Program in English, U. of Georgia (full fellowship); Darby Witek, M.A. Program in English at Auburn U. (full fellowship); Mike Russell, Comparative Literature M.A. Program at the U. of Georgia; and Caroline Quick, MA Program in English, Georgia State U. Literature undergraduates who have gone on to law school include Alina Venick, U. of Georgia Law School and Miles Skedsvold, U. of Georgia Law School.  M.A. graduate students who have gone on to Ph.D. Programs include Sal Talluto, Georgia State U and Matthew Higgins, Georgia State U.

Recent Faculty Achievements

Professor of English Alex Blazer presented "Twin Peaks of Present: Lynch and Deleuze on Music, Trauma, and Time" at the Mid-Atlantic Popular and American Culture Association (2019) and "The Psychoanalysis of Satire: A Short Paper about Aphanisis in A Short Film about Disappointment" at the Southeast Coastal Conference on Languages and Literature (2019).

Associate Professor of English Craig Callender participated in the Leiden Summer School of Languages and Literatures in 2019, taking courses in Old Frisian and Runology.

Associate Provost Jordan Cofer's co-edited volume of essays Reconsidering Flannery O'Connor is forthcoming from the University Press of Mississippi (December 2020).

Associate Professor of English Jennifer Flaherty's book chapter "Shakespearean Whedon and Whedonesque Shakespeare" will appear in Shakespeare and Geek Culture (Bloomsbury, 2020).

Professor of English Bruce Gentry's co-edited volume of essays Approaches to Teaching the Works of Flannery O'Connor was published by the Modern Language Association in September of 2019.

Assistant Professor Julian Knox continues to co-edit the online academic journal Grave Notes.

Lecturer Jeffrey MacLachlan published several poems in 2019, including "Paradise Reviews" in Chaffey Review, "Chelsea Clinton" in Red Coyote, and "Karaoke Personality Quiz" in The Meadow.

Professor of English Mary Magoulick's peer-reviewed article "Trickster Lives in Erdrich: Continuity, Innovation, and Eloquence of a Troubling, Beloved Character" was published in the Journal of Folklore Research, Vol. 55, No. 3, September-December 2018, pp. 87-126.  Dr. Magoulick presented at the American Folklore Society and Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association in 2019.

Assistant Professor of Creative Writing Kerry Neville received two Pushcart Prize nominations in 2019, as well as another Best American Essays Notable Award.  Recent publications include the essays "Punctures" in The Evansville Review (July 2019), "The Hummingbird in the Heart" in The Ogham Stone (May 2019), and "Mother's Day: Recovery, Love, and Light," in The Fix (May 2019).

Associate Professor of Creative Writing Laura Newbern published the poem "In Winter" in The Threepenny Review in December 2018.

Professor of English Matthew Pangborn presented "Sarah Kemble Knight and Literature in the Age of Timber" at the Southeast American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (2020) and "Early American Energies" at the Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies conference (2020).

Lecturer Lauren Pilcher's essay ""Replaying a Useful South: Black Women, Midcentury Domesticity, and the Films of the Georgia Department of Public Health" appeared in Southern Cultures 25.1 (Spring 2019): 88-105.

Associate Professor of Creative Writing Peter Selgin's The Kuhreihen Melody: Nostalgic Essays, was published by Serving House Books in December 2019.  His book Your First Page: First Pages and What They Tell Us About the Pages that Follow Them was published by Broadview Press in August 2019.

Associate Professor Katie Simon presented "Troubling Paradise: Racialized Violence in Margaret Fuller's Summer on the Lakes, in 1843," at the Association for the Study of Literature (2019) and "Fuller's Hauntological Practices" at the American Literature Association (2019).