Faculty and Student Success

Student Achievements

MA student Mikaela LaFave will attend the University of Georgia Ph.D. Program in English on a full fellowship in the fall.

MFA Student Brittany Barron is the southern region student representative of the English Honor Society Sigma Tau Delta.

BA student Jaycee Billington will attend the Iowa Writer's Workshop, widely known as the best and most competitive MFA program in the country, in the fall.

BA student Becca Fallon has a poem published online at https://www.thewinnowmagazine.com/winter-2018.html.

Former BA student Sarah Beth Gilbert had a chapter of her undergraduate thesis on Doctor Who published in the online journal The Apollonian:.

Creative Writing undergraduates who have gone on to M.F.A. and other graduate programs include Erin Reardon, New Mexico State University; Robert Perry Ivey, GA State, M.A., Sarah Lawrence, M.F.A.; Rachel Estridge, Emerson College; Mikayla Avila Vila, Florida State U.; Joseph Linsey Gray; Florida State U.; Scott Long, U. of Minnesota; Natalie Sharp, U. of Colorado; Grayson Maxwell, Bowling Green; Hali Sofala, U. of Wisconsin, M.F.A., Ph.D, U. of Nebraska; Joshua Lavender, U. of Maryland; Eric Lockaby, U. of Southern Carolina; Arrie Brown, East Carolina, M.A.; Leanna Wharram, U. Tennessee, M.A.; Brett Chatham, M.A.; George Hulbert, Duke University, M.Ed.; Garlaine Luck, Georgia State U., M.Ed.; Lorien Campbell, UGA, M.ed; Chelsea Cobb, Emory U., M.Div.

Literature undergraduates who have gone on to to M.A. and Ph.D. Programs include Mikaela LaFave, Ph.D. Program in English, U. of Georgia (full fellowship); Darby Witek, M.A. Program in English at Auburn U. (full fellowship); Mike Russell, Comparative Literature M.A. Program at the U. of Georgia; and Caroline Quick, MA Program in English, Georgia State U. Literature undergraduates who have gone on to law school include Alina Venick, U. of Georgia Law School and Miles Skedsvold, U. of Georgia Law School.  M.A. graduate students who have gone on to Ph.D. Programs include Sal Talluto, Georgia State U and Matthew Higgins, Georgia State U.

Faculty Achievements

Professor of English Mary Magoulick's peer-reviewed article "Trickster Lives in Erdrich: Continuity, Innovation, and Eloquence of a Troubling, Beloved Character" was published in the Journal of Folklore Research, Vol. 55, No. 3, September-December 2018, pp. 87-126.

Assistant Professor of Creative Writing Kerry Neville spent Fall 2018 in Limerick, Ireland as a Fulbright Scholar.  Her interview with the University of Limerick Newsletter appears here. Her second short story collection, Remember to Forget Me, was published in 2017.

The Journal of African Literature Association (JALA) Fall 2019/Winter 2020 issue will focus on the the scholarly work of Professor of English Eustace Palmer, past president of the association.

Lecturer of Creative Writing Hali Sofala-Jones' poetry collection, Afakasi | Half-Caste has been published by Sundress Publications.