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Student Awards

The Outstanding Senior in Creative Writing for 2021-2022: Brandon Near

Outstanding Seniors in Literature for 2021-2022: Rosalie Bodkin and Ellen Yeudall

Congratulations to our award winners, and to all our 2021-2022 graduates!

Recent Student Achievements

Many congratulations to the following students, whose poems were selected by judge Yolanda Franklin for this year’s Academy of American Poets’ College Poetry Prizes at Georgia College:

Undergraduate winner:

Regan Jones, for “Saltwater”

Graduate winner: 

Avery James, for “Transubstantiation in Underground Atlanta”


Runner-ups and mentions:


First runner-up: Braiden Ellis, for “…surpassing the love of women”          

Second runner-up: Eva Sheehan, for “Birthright”

Honorable mention: Olivia McClure, for “A Hope for Warmth”


Runner-up: Kieran Binney, for “On the Saiga Mass Extinction Event of 2015”


THANK YOU to everyone who submitted this year.…keep an eye out for the annual prize submission announcement next spring.

Recent Faculty Achievements

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