Music B.A.

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Bachelor of Arts in Music 

The Bachelor of Arts in Music is a liberal arts degree at its foundation. Our music majors’ liberal arts knowledge is developed through our core curriculum which includes courses in English composition and literature; foreign languages; history, social studies, and philosophy; visual and performing arts; science and mathematics; and distinctive GC courses which emphasize critical thinking and global perspectives. Musicianship is addressed through the core music courses, which include applied study, small and large ensembles, piano classes, theory, aural skills, recital attendance, history, conducting, and a culminating senior project. The Bachelor of Arts degree features a choice of electives. One elective option is music education; pre-requisites for the MAT consist of undergraduate music education courses. The BA in music is also an excellent option for students who plan to double major.


Students of music prepare for advanced study in music and acquire a strong foundation for most occupations in the wider music industry. With the expansion of the arts industry, both nationally and internationally, the employment opportunities for music graduates are wide and highly varied.

These include:

  • teaching (elementary and secondary school/university/studio)
  • performing (professional, community, and church-sponsored venues)
  • composing
  • conducting
  • editing
  • consulting in both commercial and non-commercial situations
  • librarianship
  • research and publishing
  • recording engineering and editing
  • music sales
  • arts management
  • instrument repair and maintenance

Music Education Option (Bachelor of Arts + Master of Arts in Teaching: Music Education) 

Beginning Fall 2018, Georgia College will offer a four plus one, double-degree program to prepare future music teachers. Students will earn a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a Master of Arts in Teaching: Music Education, and will be prepared to teach general, choral, and instrumental music in grades preK-12. Students will begin to complete coursework toward the master's degree during the junior and senior years saving both time and money.

Students in this program will be both skilled musicians and effective teachers. The five-year curriculum allows time for substantial development of musical competencies, including fundamental musicianship and performance skills, and the development of comprehensive pedagogical proficiency. In contrast to other bachelors degree programs, a great deal of emphasis is placed on practical teaching experience during the final three years of study.

Hallmarks of the Georgia College Music Education Experience:

  • One-hour lesson on primary instrument/voice for eight semesters
  • Participation in major ensembles for eight semesters
  • Abundant performing opportunities
  • Core music classes with all music majors
  • Core MAT classes with MAT majors from other disciplines (some online)
  • Graduate music classes with experienced teachers from the MMED program (all online)
  • Four school-based field placements including placements in primary, elementary, middle, and secondary schools in a variety of rural and urban settings
  • One semester of student teaching
  • One semester of field work
  • Over 1,000 hours of total field experience when combined with undergraduate prerequisites
  • Opportunities for student-faculty research
  • Complete a bachelor's and a master's degree in only five years (BME is bachelor’s only in five years)

Please contact the Music Education Coordinator with any concerns or questions: