Music Precertification Minor

The music precertification minor is comprised of the prerequisite courses for the Master of Arts in Teaching: Music Education program (MAT: MUSE). Students who complete the Bachelor of Arts in music along with the precertification minor can move directly into the MAT: MUSE degree program for initial teacher certification. There are three focus options in this minor: instrumental, choral, and elementary, though all GCSU students are prepared to work in any music area preK-12.

This minor, the BA in music, and MAT: MUSE replace the traditional Bachelor of Music Education degree (BME) for music teacher preparation at Georgia College & State University. The BME required five years for completion due to our commitment to the liberal arts core, requisite musical study, and teacher certification requirements. The new path allows students the same opportunities within the five-year time frame, but culminates with a master’s degree rather than a bachelor’s degree, and a higher initial teacher certification level. It is also in line with other secondary education programs of study in which students get undergraduate degrees in a chosen discipline and a MAT for teacher certification.

Hallmarks of the Georgia College Music Education Experience:

  • One-hour lesson on primary instrument/voice for eight semesters
  • Participation in major ensembles for eight semesters
  • Abundant performing opportunities
  • Core music classes with all music majors
  • Core MAT classes with MAT majors from other disciplines (some online)
  • Graduate music classes with experienced teachers from the MMED program (all online)
  • Four school-based field placements including placements in primary, elementary, middle, and secondary schools in a variety of rural and urban settings
  • One semester of student teaching
  • One semester of field work
  • Over 1,000 hours of total field experience when combined with undergraduate prerequisites
  • Opportunities for student-faculty research
  • Complete a bachelor's and a master's degree in only five years (BME is bachelor’s only in five years)

Degree Requirements

Please contact the Music Education Coordinator with any concerns or questions: