Department of World Languages & Cultures


The Department of World Languages and Cultures would like to welcome you to Georgia College & State University.

Whether you are considering a career in law, international business, government, film, public relations, advertising, health care, journalism, teaching …, we would like to recommend adding a major or minor in French or Spanish to positively enhance your career options when you graduate.  

The Department provides students with a solid liberal arts education that becomes the foundation for personal and professional growth over a lifetime. Our curriculum is designed to give students ample opportunities to develop linguistic proficiency and intercultural competence in one or more languages and cultures-French, Spanish, German, and Italian.

We offer one Degree with concentrations in both French and Spanish.  Once you determine the language, you then choose how to further concentrate your degree. The areas to choose from are: French or Spanish for the Professions; French or Spanish Literature and Culture Studies; or a major concentration of both French and Spanish.  If you are hesitant to double major then start with a minor in French or Spanish. You can always up-your-game at a future time.

Students have opportunities to apply their skills outside of the classroom, through study abroad, teletandem exchanges with native speakers, service-learning opportunities in Milledgeville and beyond, faculty mentored research, participation in the French and Spanish clubs, conversation tables, community outreach programs, and peer tutoring with a state- of -the art Language Resource Center.

Our faculty develop close working relationships with their students, creating fun, vibrant, and welcoming classroom environments in which students feel comfortable taking risks, making mistakes, and pushing themselves to grow as speakers and to deepen their understanding of other cultures and world views.

The skills our students develop enable them to pursue graduate studies or to enter the job market in positions that demand the ability to communicate effectively, to reason critically, and to solve problems successfully, in more than one language and in a variety of cultural contexts.

Future employers look favorably upon prospective applicants with a degree in World Languages and Cultures and a study abroad experience because they know this person is prepared to enter an ever -increasing global and changing work force.

Recent graduates have found fulfilling careers and opportunities to use their language skills and intercultural competence in tourism and hospitality, film and media production, journalism, law, library science, education, human resources, counseling services, insurance, telecommunications, physical therapy, and public health, to name just a few career paths.  Along the way, many have taught, lived, or traveled abroad, while others have earned graduate degrees that complement and build upon the liberal arts foundation they built as undergraduates.

Come join us and prepare for the future – Your Future!

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