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The World Languages and Cultures B.A. requires the selection of a primary language (French or Spanish) and an area of concentration.  There are currently three areas of concentration for French and Spanish. If your goal is to double major, our curriculum will allow you to accomplish this within a four year time frame.  The World Languages and Cultures B.A. consists of, the Primary Language,18 credit hours, plus a Senior Capstone Experience for three credit hours. In addition to the Primary Language requirements there are 18 credit hours that must be completed within one of the three concentrations.

Primary Language 

Students in  the World Languages and Cultures B.A. program must select to study French or Spanish as their primary language. Students will complete 18 semester hours in their primary languages, which emphasizes development of proficiency in speaking, listening, readying, writing, and culture as well as content-specific courses in which the students continues to expand and refine their linguistic and cultural competence.

Area of Concentration

Students in the World Languages and Cultures B.A.  program must also select an area of concentration which emphasizes the applicability of the student's primary languages to various career-oriented paths.The concentrations consist of French or Hispanic Literature and Culture Studies; French or Spanish for the Professions and for the students that would like to learn a third language the opportunity presents itself with the third concentration of French or Spanish Language and Culture.  (See additional information under Primary Language Concentrations tab)

The Department of World Languages and Cultures reserves the right to change class options, descriptions or add new classes..