WLC Rising Stars Honorees

The primary goal of the BA in World Languages and Cultures at Georgia College is to provide students with a solid liberal arts education that becomes the foundation for personal and professional growth over a lifetime. The curriculum is designed to provide students with well-developed language and intercultural skills and with a broad knowledge base that will enable them to pursue studies at the graduate level or to enter the job market in positions that demand the ability to communicate effectively, to reason critically, to solve problems creatively, and to work on culturally diverse teams successfully, in more than one language and in a variety of cultural contexts.

Students complete upper-division coursework in either French or Spanish, and are encouraged to make connections between their French or Spanish WLC major and a second major. A well-rounded WLC degree includes a study abroad experience and liberal arts coursework in a) literature and the other arts, b) culture, society, and history of the early modern and modern and contemporary periods, c) intercultural communication in professional contexts, and d) service and applied learning.