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Congratulations on looking into or making the decision towards an exciting lifetime experience. World Languages and Cultures majors or minors who wish to satisfy degree requirements should first speak to the World Languages and Cultures Department Chair. Course equivalencies must be approved by the WLC Department Chair prior to registration.  Once you decide to study abroad you will be required to attend a Study Abroad Info Session.  This session is about 30 to 40 minutes long, held Monday through Thursday at 2 p.m. in the International Education Center, and only during fall semester.  This session will give you basic information such as which program to choose, earning credits, financial aid, scholarships and much more.  Once you have made your final location decision, have met with the Department Chair of World Languages and Cultures for course equivalencies approval,  you will need to make an appointment with a study abroad advisor to finalize your trip plans. They can be reached at 478-445-4789 or

Below are several very exciting and educational study abroad programs that are led by our own faculty:


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Have you ever wanted to live in or visit a major Latin American City? Would you like to improve your Spanish by living with a host family? How about shadow a professional in a vibrant business community? Then this program is for you. Santiago sits at the crossroads of the Andean region's ancient ancestry and b​ourgeoning modernity. Santiago is an accessible and exciting city that students will explore through a survey of Chilean culture and a course on the Latin American business world. These courses will give students the opportunity to refine their practical Spanish vocabulary, as well as offer lessons in the pragmatics and practices of Latin American Business.  Students will shadow and/or intern with a professional person in fields including tourism, finance, accounting and academia. The study abroad program in Santiago, Chile offers 6 credits in Spanish.  Pre-requisite is SPAN 3010 or 3020 prior to departure.  This program is offered from May 12 through June 2.  It is led by Dr. Brantley Nicholson.  If you would like more information, contact Dr. Nicholson at or 478-445-8263. Application deadline is February 1st. 



Spend a month in captivating Cuenca, Spain where you will explore the fascinating culture of Spain while improving your Spanish language skills.  You will interact with highly-skilled tutors dedicated to helping you understand and practice Spanish. Hone your linguistic skills by living with a host family or in the dorms with other international students at the Universidad de 

Castilla-la-Mancha (UCLM). Experience the local color through interactive activities such as cooking classes, flamenco dance, movie nights, etc. Taste the regional cuisine and participate in local traditions as you tour Cuenca nd other towns in the province. This program includes trips to Madrid, Valencia, Toledo and the Route of Don Quixote. This study abroad program in Cuenca, Spain students will take two of the following course combinations for a total of six credit hours: SPAN 2001 and SPAN 2002 (Pre-requisite is SPAN 1002); SPAN 3010 or 3020 (Pre-requisite is SPAN 2002).  This program is offered from July 1 through July 29.  It is led by Dr. Mariana Stoyanova.  If you would like more information, contact Dr. Mariana Stoyanova at or 478-445-5856.




This program will continue on the Andean Imaginaries (SPAN 3230) deep-time study of narco-cultures and the city of Medellin's pivot out of the drug trade into a successful post- industrial and tourist economy. Students will study Colombian history and read major novels, from Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "One Hundred Years of Solitude" to contemporary Colombian narco-novelas. We will have regular guided tours, speakers and an in-depth exploration of the city and its cultural ecosystem. SPAN 3230 offered in the fall is a prerequisite. This program is offered from January 2 through January 12. It is led by Dr. Brantley Nicholson. Application deadline is October 15th. If you would like more information, contact Dr. Brantley Nicholson at or 478-445-8263. You can also contact the International Education Center by visiting them at 141 S. Clarke St., Milledgeville, GA (Bone House), calling them at 478-445-4789 or emailing them at


For general study abroad information and information on scholarships for study abroad, visit the International Education Center, located in the historic Bone House across from the Governor's Mansion.