Related Minors/Programs

Latin American and Caribbean Studies 
The minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies and the accompanying Certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies are designed to introduce students to the rich culture, history, geography, language, politics and society of Latin America.  Visit the LACS web site for detailed information.​

Coordinator: Dr. Brantley Nicholson,

International Certificate Programs 
The University System of Georgia offers International Certificate Programs in the following areas:

International Studies Minor 
The International Studies minor seeks to increase students' knowledge of the nations, cultures, peoples and contemporary issues confronting the world through an interdisciplinary approach that includes courses in the arts, business, education, human sciences, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. The International Studies minor develops in students a sense of global responsibility and respect for cultural diversity. Students who choose to minor in International Studies focus on a geographic region or disciplinary approach to studying the world and its peoples.

Coordinator: Dr. Sunita Manian,

International Plan 
The International Plan is an academic choice offered within Georgia College's baccalaureate programs for students who seek to integrate substantive and challenging international preparation into their studies. The option includes both international study and related experiences that are integrated into a student's undergraduate major.

Coordinator: Dr. Tsu-Ming Chiang,, 478-445-0863.

Africana Studies Program
The minor in African Studies is designed to introduce students to the study of African society, experience and cultures.

Coordinator: Dr. Eustace Palmer,, 478-445-5557

Geography Minor
A minor in Geography, the integrated study of people, places, and environments, is a great choice for language majors.  The Geography minor introduces students to the study of places on Earth and their relationships with each other.  Geography is more than identifying locations or knowing about world regions; it is a unique discipline concerned with space and place, nature and society. 

Coordinator: Dr. Doug Oetter,, 478-445-7379

Master of Arts in Teaching - M.A.T.
The Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) degree provides initial teacher preparation at the master's degree level for qualified candidates who hold a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution.  The program is designed for college graduates whose undergraduate degrees did not include professional education preparation.  Successful completion of the M.A.T. program leads to a T-5 Georgia Certification.

Students planning to complete the M.A.T. program for French or Spanish education are required to take two graduate level language content courses.  Many students prefer to fulfill these requirements by completing a study abroad program. Contact the GC International Education Center if you would like to pursue this exciting option.  It may also be possible to take these required courses at the GC Milledgeville campus, as the department of World Languages &Cultures offers graduate level French and Spanish when requested, usually in the early evening.  Interested students should contact the WLC Department Chair, Dr. Libby Murphy, - at the beginning of their program - to coordinate courses.