Graduate School Information

The Economics Club hosts a “Getting into Grad School” meeting each Spring semester.

Getting Into Graduate School:

Alphabetical list of US Graduate Programs in Economics

Graduate Degrees in Economics

“How to be a good graduate student”, by Deirdre McCloskey. Article on surviving graduate school.

“‘Little Think” Economics: Is that all there is?” by David Colander. Good article about what you will study in graduate school.

“Why Economics students need math”, by Greg Mankiw. (His BLOG and other issues are discussed for students in links on the right of his website).

“What do academic economists contribute”, by Daniel Klein. Talks about the economics profession.

Studies about Economics Majors:

“LSAT Scores of Economics majors: The 2003-2004 Update”, by Michael Nieswiadomy. If you’re interested in law, ECON is a good major.

“The Economic Reward for Studying Economics”, by Dan Black et al. If you’re interested in a job or grad school, ECON is a good major.