Management Information Systems B.B.A

business students at conference table

The Management Information Systems (MIS) program at Georgia College develops in-depth hands-on knowledge and skills in the application of information technology to problems and opportunities in business and society.

This program is particularly well suited for students who enjoy solving problems and life-long learning. Students get hands-on experience with technologies such as SAP, PowerBI, Tableau, PHP, SQL Server, and LabSim. Combining these technologies with theory in analysis, agile development, and business intelligence, students learn to apply technology to business problems.

Our graduates are ready for today’s business environment and start careers in areas like consulting, data analytics, project management, software development, IT networking, or IT support. Over the last few years, for example, we have had multiple graduates accept job offers from Accenture, EY, NCR, and Sogeti. These firms and many others come to our annual IT Career Fair to recruit our students.


Student Resources

Management Information Systems 4-Year Plan

iManagement Information Systems Internship Guidelines