Data Science B.S.

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Starting Fall 2022

What is Data Science?

This new degree, which starts fall 2022, is a collaboration between the College of Business, Department of Information Systems and Computer Science and the College of Arts & Sciences, Department of Mathematics. The data science program provides essential knowledge in statistics, mathematics, and computer science building a solid foundation so graduates can apply their expertise, including skills in programming, algorithms, data mining, and machine learning, to interpret data providing meaningful information for industry and/or research. The rigorous training in this program prepares students to be data scientists in for-profit companies, government, and other organizations. Students will be ready for graduate study in data science or computer science as well. The job outlook for data scientists is bright. Indeed listed Data Scientist as 8th on their list of Best Jobs of 2020 ( and indicated the growth from 2016-2019 in job postings grew 77.57% with an average base salary of $105,510. LinkedIn lists Data Scientist third on their 2020 Emerging Jobs Report ( me/business/en-us/talent- solutions/emerging-jobs-report/Emerging_Jobs_Report_U.S._ FINAL.pdf) with 37% growth. 


Core Curriculum Area A-E (42 hrs)
Area F (18 hours) – Satisfactorily complete each of the following courses. Additional hours to complete the 18 hours required for Area F will be completed in the cognate area.

CSCI 1301 Computer Science I (Java)
CSCI 1302 Computer Science II (Java)
CSCI 2351 Python Programming
CSCI 2800 Social & Professional Issues
CSCI 2811 Career Preparation

Cognate Area - Math (6-14 hrs) (
Must complete all courses, but some may count in Area A, D, or F)

MATH 1261 Calculus I (4 hrs)
MATH 1262 Calculus II (4 hrs)
MATH 1401 Elementary Statistics
MATH 2150 Linear Algebra


Computer Science Required Courses (25 hrs)
CSCI 3680 Discrete Structures (4 hrs)
CSCI 3410 Data Structures (Java)
CSCI 3710 Data Mining
CSCI 3711 Data Analysis
CSCI 4710 Databases
CSCI 4711 Machine Learning
CSCI 4712 Big Data Analysis
CSCI 4520 Analysis of Algorithms

Mathematics and Statistics Required Courses (13 hrs)
MATH 2263 Calculus III (4 hrs)
MATH 4100 Linear Regression
MATH 4600 Probability
MATH 4XXX Statistical Computing