Difference between CS and MIS

Many people want to know what is the difference between computer science and management information systems. In the world of technology, there are three broad areas: computer science, information technology, and information systems. 

Computer science, also called software engineering, is the area most concerned with the creation of programs that tell a computer what to do. Computer scientists may write code to create an operating system, build a database management system, or program a mobile device. They work to make software applications perform better while maintaining quality control. Computer science students may devise new ways to use computers or develop effective ways to solve computing problems. These students are required to take several math and science courses as theoretical background for their degree. Most of our computer science graduates take jobs as software developers, but there are many other options. Please view our B.S. in Computer Science page for more details.

Information technology is concerned with the areas of support and networking. The people who work in information technology know how to maintain and upgrade computers. They understand how computer networks work. While a student can major in information technology at some schools, both CS and MIS majors are suited to go into careers in this area.

Management information systems is also called computer information systems, business information systems, or just information systems. This area is concerned with using information as efficiently and effectively as possible for a competitive advantage. Students in this area still learn to program, but they are concerned with designing a database system to be used by a business rather than creating the software to create a database system. MIS majors take business courses in order to learn how a business works. They apply this knowledge to help businesses to get the most from their information. 

Our MIS students take classes in technology infrastructure, ERP/SAP, business analytics, and web development, as well as business analysis, database management, and programming. For more details, please see our B.B.A. in Management Information Systems page

The department hosts an annual Information Technology Career Fair every winter.