Mental Health Resources for Students of Color
Mental Health Resources for the LGBTQ Community

LGBTribe: Therapy Tribe offers peer-to-peer support group and other resources for LGBTQ community.

Trevor Project: Focusses on suicide prevention and mental health resources for our LGBTQ community. 

Mental Health Screenings  - self screenings for depression, anxiety eating disorders and substance abuse

Alcohol eCheckUp to go - alcohol self screening for GC students

Cannabis eCheckup to go - cannabis (marijuana) self screening for GC students - self screenings for general mental health or many specific concerns (gambling, post traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, psychosis, depression, anxiety, eating disorder and more).  



Mood Disorder
Drugs and Alcohol
Sexual Assault
ADHD/Learning Disabilities
Study Skills

Students often find it difficult to adjust to the rigors of the college curriculum.  Many report that they did not find it necessary to apply themselves in high school to perform adequately.  Additionally they recognize that parents and teachers often played a large role in helping them stay organized and managing their time.  Consequently, they may have never developed effective study habits and their academic performance is college suffers.  Students without effective strategies for studying and time management often feel overwhelmed  and anxious about tests and other demands.

For students who want or need assistance developing academic skills, we offer guidance in

  • Time Management
  • Controlling Test Anxiety
  • Efficient Study Techniques

Academic Skills Resources

The links below are text versions of resources offered to enhance study skills. In addition to these titles, we have several other pamphlets and books available in the Counseling Services office. 


Tutoring for specific subjects is offered through the Learning Center.  

Learning Disabilities

Academic accommodations for students with disabilities are addressed through Disability Services.

General Interest
  • Counseling Center Village Provides Links to College Counseling Center Resources around the country including "virtual pamphlets" on a wide range of topics pertinent to students.
  • ULifeline - ULifeline is an online resource center for college student mental health and emotional well being.
  • Go Ask Alice A question and answer forum for health and mental health issues offered by Columbia University.
  • Half of Us The site focuses on mental health awareness by using the stories of both celebrities and average students who have dealt with mental health issues. 
  • WebMD
  • Promoting Student Mental Health
Financial Assistance
Professional Organizations