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The Georgia Professional Standards Commission (PSC) has developed a program to assess the knowledge and skills of individuals seeking certification as Georgia public school educators. Beginning Fall 2006 the PSC required the GACE Program Admission Assessment, formerly GACE Basic Skills Assessment and GACE Content Assessments rather than PRAXIS I and PRAXIS II. Please read the GACE information from the PSC.

GACE is a two-layer examination process. The GACE Program Admission Assessment must be passed (or exempted) in order to be admitted to a teacher education program. The GACE subject area test(s) must be passed in order for the certification officer to recommend the candidate for certification and for the Georgia Professional Standards Commission to grant a certificate to teach in Georgia public schools. The certification officer in the John H. Lounsbury College of Education can recommend certification only for those candidates who have successfully completed programs at GC.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GACE Program Admission Assessment?

The GACE Program Admission Assessment is an academic skills assessment in reading, mathematics and writing. You must pass (or exempt) the GACE Program Admission Assessment as part of the requirements to enter a cohort.  Please take it by the end of your freshman year.

A problem students have is getting their passing scores back in time for cohort application. You will not be considered for a cohort until you have passed all the parts of the GACE Program Admission Assessment and the university has your official scores.

How can I study and plan for the GACE Program Admission Assessment?

During the first semester of your freshman year, go to the GACE site and type in "preparation" in the search box. Find the  Assessment link. You can view, print, or download FREE preparation materials for reading, writing, and mathematics. If you are doing very well on the sample items, then register for and take the GACE Program Admission Assessment.

What can I do if I need help with the GACE Program Admission Assessment?

If you have trouble with the sample materials, then you must do some work to get up to speed. Just retaking practice tests will not help you learn the material. Taking tests will help you figure out what areas you need to study. Again, during your first semester, start working on those areas that need attention. Below are some suggestions for help:

  • Go to the library and check out materials for Program Admission testing practice
  • Get commercial books/software available for test reviews
  • Get tutoring

Passing the GACE Program Admission Assessment is a mandatory requirement for junior cohort applications and for teaching in Georgia.

Can I exempt the GACE Program Admission Assessment?

You will not need the GACE Program Admission test if you:

  • Hold or have held professional certification, or
  • Meet one of the following test scores*:
    • SAT - minimum required score = 1000, if taken prior to July 1st, 2019, thereafter 1080 (with no minimum verbal score or math score required).  The composite score is obtained by adding the Verbal and the Math scores.  Candidates must take both the Verbal and the Math sections of the test. Note: You can use the Verbal portion of the SAT from one testing session and add it to the Math portion from another testing session in order to exempt GACE Program Admission Assessment. (Source: phone call to PSC January 23, 2004)
    • ACT - minimum score = 43 (with no minimum English score or Math score required)  The composite score is obtained by adding the English and Math scores.  Candidates must take both the English and Math sections of the test.
    • GRE -If tested with the old GRE format (before August 1, 2011), candidates need a GRE composite score of 1030 on Verbal and Quantitative to exempt GACE Program Admission.
    • If tested with the new GRE format (on or after August 1, 2011), candidates need a GRE composite score of 297 on Verbal and Quantitative to exempt GACE Program Admission.
    • CBEST – Passing Scores indicated on score report (Used in California and Oregon) 
    • CLAST – Passing Scores indicated on score report (Used in Florida)
    • FTCE – General Knowledge – Passing Scores indicated on score report (Used in Florida)

*Exemptions must be in Banner to be official for certification purposes. Banner information can only be updated from an official high school transcript with SAT/ACT scores or scores sent electronically from SAT/ACT (or officially mailed transcripts). College transcripts from other schools are not considered official by the Professional Standards Commission (PSC). The PSC will not accept other college scores when people apply for state certification.

Where can I get a Registration information for GACE?

Limited numbers are in 220 Kilpatrick. Others are in the testing center. You can download copies from GACE Web site

What are this academic year's test dates?

You can find the test dates on the GACE Web site - test dates.

What is the Test Site closest to Milledgeville?

Macon has two test centers, APCN-3012 at the Prometric Test Center and STN14397A at Middle Georgia State College Macon Campus. Other test centers are available on the GACE website.

What are the GACE Fees?

Fee structure is available at the GACE test fee page.  Put "fees" in the page's search box.

What is the Georgia College Code?

The Georgia College code is (5360).

In addition to passing or exempting the GACE Program Admission Assessment, what other GACE tests do I need to take before GC can recommend me for certification or endorsement?

GC can recommend you for certification or endorsement only for degrees and programs that you have successfully completed at GC. Your professors will talk with you about which GACE Content Assessment you should take.

What tests should I take if I am interested in being certified in areas for which GC cannot recommend me?

Here is a list of the required tests you need to pass by subject areas. GC can recommend certification or endorsement only for students who were enrolled in and successfully completed the programs offered at GC. For questions about certification in other areas or programs, please contact your county school board office or the Professional Standards Commission.

Is there alternative testing available?

Yes, alternative testing arrangements that are reasonable in the context of this certification test and supported by documentation may be provided for the following examinees who would not be able to take the test under standard conditions:

  • Examinees with physical disabilities (e.g. visual impairments, hearing impairments, motor disabilities, illness, injury)
  • Examinees with disabilities other than physical (e.g. learning disabilities)
  • Examinees whose religious practices do not allow them to take tests on Saturdays

For more information on this topic, please go to the GACE website.

Are there any test preparation strategies to help me study for these tests?
  1. Visit the GACE website and key 'practice tests' in the search box for a list of resources on the website.
  2. Visit and review the content of the Georgia Performance Standards and the Framework tabs.
  3. Visit the GaPSC site and click on the Educator Preparation tab then select GACE from the dropdown menu for information on the testing.

Other areas on these three websites may be of assistance as well.

Additional ways for preparing for a GACE examination follow:

  1. Use GACE study guides.  These can be found by going to Google and keying a search “GACE Study Guide for xxxxx” where xxxxx is the test of interest.
  2. Attend GACE preparation workshops and help sessions presented by PAGE.
  3. Attend workshops and help sessions presented by GAE. No GACE test preparation classes or workshops are offered at Georgia College.
  4. Reread the Special Education text book.
How do I update the completion of the Senior Exit Exam using my GACE scores?
  1. Contact Kerry Chapman in the Center for Testing. He may be reached via phone: (478) 445-5016 or email:
  2. Provide him with your name, the GACE tests you took, dates taken and your major.

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