Healthcare Simulation Certificate

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The Healthcare Simulation Certificate is designed for post-baccalaureate students who want to learn more about the education of healthcare professionals using simulation. The certificate prepares students to conduct healthcare simulation in accordance with national and international standards.

Classes are 100% online. Once per month, students are required to attend Friday morning classes synchronously online. In addition, each course includes a clinical component to provide students with practice experiences with simulation. The first course, HSCS 6500, will require 90 clinical hours, of which 15 hours will be at the GCSU STRC (Simulation & Translational Research Center). During subsequent courses, students can request to pursue clinical simulation experiences in other facilities.

Why the healthcare simulation certificate?

Healthcare simulation science is rapidly expanding in healthcare education, requiring training and education of healthcare professionals to apply national and international standards to simulation education. This program will prepare students to apply best practices in simulation education.


The program requires 11 credit hours.  Healthcare Simulation courses include:

Course Course Name Didactic Hours Clinical Hours Total Hours
HSCS 6500 Simulation Essentials I              3             90           5
HSCS 6501 Simulation Essentials II              1             90           3
HSCS 6502 Simulation Essentials III              1             90           3
Total Required for Certificate                11


Certificate Requirements

The initial offering of the program will begin spring semester 2023. Following this, the program will begin each fall semester, subject to enrollment minimums.

Admissions Requirements

Applicants to the program must hold a bachelor’s degree in a healthcare discipline from a regionally accredited college. Applicants must complete a formal GCSU Graduate School application with fees, official transcripts of all academic work, and a current resume. Students will complete an additional School of Nursing interview questionnaire as part of the admission process. 

Tuition and Fees

Tuition cost can be found at

Program Contact

Certificate Coordinator

Sterling Roberts

Sterling Roberts

Assistant Professor - Nursing; Director of the Center for Simulation and Translational Research
Simulation and Translational Research Center

DNP, Georgia College


Dr. Roberts is a Georgia College alumna, where she received her Doctor of Nursing Practice, Master's in Nursing Education and Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She has worked in various clinical areas as a Registered Nurse including intensive care, pain management, and emergency care services. Her current research focuses on using Simulation to support the learning needs of undergraduate and graduate healthcare disciplines. Dr. Roberts received the Laurie Hendrickson McMillan Award in 2020 for excellence in teaching, research, and campus and community service. She holds a Certification as a Healthcare Simulation Educator from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.