Decorating Suggestions

decorated dorm room
students setting up dorm

Please remember to check out the University Housing Handbook if you have a question about whether or not to bring a specific item.  Dart-boards, string lights, lava lamps, candles, incense, halogen lamps, electric heaters, extension cords, weapons of any kind, animals or pets other than fish, alcohol, illegal drugs, homemade lofts, adhesive-backed hooks, wall paper, contact paper, nails and screws. In the residence halls, cooking equipment with exposed heating elements (toasters, hot plates, etc.) are not permitted. 

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Make your new room a bit more homey by adding personal touches.

Try using carpet tiles, throw and area rugs to take the chill out of the floor tile. A 5'x7' rug will fit nicely in any of our rooms. Bell Hall and The Village Apartments have carpeted rooms. 

Floorplans and Dimensions
Floorplans and measurements for a typical room in a residence hall or apartment can be found here.

You're welcome to bring any additional furniture you wish (with the exception of lofts), however please remember the university-provided furniture must remain in the room. Beds in the residence halls are twin, extra-long (80" length). Beds in Bell Hall are lofted, and in all other residence halls are junior lofts (with a maximum height of 34" from the floor) and are bunk-able. Beds at The Village are a fixed height with full size mattresses.  

Furniture Rentals/Purchase Opportunities
Georgia College & State University has partnered with College Products to provide even more options for students to create a home away from home. Available products include lofts, futons, min-fridges and safes.

Room Condition Report
Upon check in, each student will complete a Room Condition Report (RCR). This form helps to identify any pre-existing conditions in the room. Damages found at the end of the year that are not identified on the RCR will be charged to the student.  

The bed height is adjustable which provides for ample storage. Consider shelving units and over-the-door organizers to maximize your closet space. Since floor space is limited, consider "building up" by investing in stackable storage bins.

Items that damage the walls (nails, tacks, sticky-putty, tape, etc.) are not recommended. We suggest using 3M's Command Strips products. When removed properly, these products do not damage the walls. Please note that the student will be charged for any damages done to the room upon check out. Students may not paint their rooms, however, if painting is needed please submit a maintenance request.  

We recommend using basic tension rods and not mounting brackets to hang curtains. Window blinds are provided for all windows.