International Plan

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What is the International Plan?

The International Plan is an academic program offered within Georgia College & State University's baccalaureate programs for students who seek to integrate substantive and challenging international preparation into their studies.

The International Plan is open to all baccalaureate degree programs that choose to participate.

  • The plan includes both international study and related experiences that are integrated into a student's undergraduate major.
  • Degree requirements are not modified, but are satisfied with specialized courses and appropriate choices of elective courses.
  • Completion of the International Plan requirements as part of a baccalaureate degree program will be recognized by the designation "International Plan" on a student's transcript.

For complete information about the International Plan - including approved courses - see the plan's page in the GCSU Undergraduate Catalog whose descriptions are to be held as official and authoritative.


International Plan Worksheet
The worksheet is a useful tool for students and advisors, particularly at the beginning stages when a student is thinking about pursuing the plan and wondering what already-completed courses might count toward fulfilling the plan's requirements .  It may also be used to monitor progress toward the plan's completion,

International Plan Application


Dr. James Callaghan
Senior International Officer
Assistant Vice-President for International Education
Director, International Education Center