Telephone, E-Mail, Mail


If you want to contact your friends and family when you first arrive in the U.S., one of the best ways is to purchase a calling card (phone card) via the Internet or from a local convenience store.  Follow the instructions on the back of the calling card. The card will list the number you are to call and give you the authorization number to enter. The time used talking on the phone will be deducted from the card. After each call, you will be told how much time is remaining on your card. 

After you have moved into your residence hall or apartment, you may want to establish an account with a long distance phone company (see utilities under the housing section) or obtain a cellular phone.  There are many different types of cell phone plans offered.  It is best to talk with other students (especially those from your same country if you plan to call home) to find what is the best plan for you. If you are only going to be in the U.S. for a semester or year, you may want to obtain a "pre-paid" phone that doesn't require any credit checks or longer-term contract. Some of the cell phone companies in Milledgeville include AT&T, Verizon and Nextel. 

Virtual Calling: Some calling capabilities are available online through certain messaging Web sites like Skype and Google Talk. Skype is a popular service used to make long-distance and international calls as well as instant messaging and video calling. Calling through Skype is free as long as it is to another Skype account. Any calls made to a direct line or cellular phone requires a fee that can be paid as you call or paid monthly. Skype is also available on certain cellular phones allowing you to call away from your computer. You may also get a special number from Skype which also allows you to call from your mobile phone at discounted rates internationally. 

The Magic Jack is also a new tool used from your home computer or laptop. You may buy one year of free local and long distance calling to the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. You can both receive and dial calls from your computer while the Magic Jack is active. International rates vary depending on which country you are calling. There is free voicemail if the Magic Jack is unplugged, your computer is off, or you do not have an active Internet connection. Caller ID is available for incoming calls. 

Area Code: The Milledgeville area code is 478. If you are dialing a Milledgeville phone number from outside of the city, you need to first dial the 478 area code. It is not necessary to dial the area code when calling from within the city. Information (Directory Assistance): You may look up phone numbers for people and businesses in the "white pages" or "yellow pages" telephone directories. If you cannot find a number in the telephone book, you may call "information." Please note that there is a small fee for this service.

  • In Milledgeville, dial 1 + 411
  • Within the 478 area code, but outside Milledgeville, dial 1 + 555 + 1212
  • For numbers outside the 478 area code, dial 1 + area code + 555 + 1212

When you call information, the operator will ask you what city you need. Then, give the name of the individual or organization you wish to locate to the operator, who will give you the phone number.

Direct International Calls: If you have a long distance service provider, you can make a direct international call. Dial the following:

  1. The International Access Code - 011
  2. The Country Code (listed in the telephone book)
  3. The City Code
  4. The local telephone number

Calls on Campus: All Georgia College & State University campus phone numbers begin with either the prefix "445" (-XXXX) or "804" (-XXXX). If you are on campus and phoning another department with the same prefix, you only need to dial the last four numbers (XXXX). Most office numbers begin with the "445" prefix" and residence hall rooms begin with the "804" prefix.

Emergency Phone Number: Dial 911
GCSU Public Safety: 478-445-4054 or 478-445-4400


Georgia College provides each student with a university "bobcats" e-mail account. This is the official means of communication at the university, and it is important to check your e-mail account regularly. The GCSU Technology Guide provides information about establishing your email account. 

Georgia College is a wired campus with convenient Internet and computer access located throughout campus. In addition, each residence hall room is equipped with Internet access.


Students living on campus in the university residence halls will be assigned a campus mailbox from Mail Services located in the lower level of the Maxwell Student Union. Mail is delivered Monday through Friday. You may purchase stamps and send mail from the university post office, and you are also able to mail packages, buy stamps, and send overseas mail at the Milledgeville Post Office located at 188 E. Hancock Street (478- 452-4536), within walking distance from campus. Prior to obtaining your campus box, you may wish to have your mail temporarily sent to you at the International Center.