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Leadership for the Public Good
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Leadership for the Public Good

At Georgia College, leadership means more. Our students are educated in the classical tradition of leadership for the public good. Beyond simply teaching students how to be successful in business or in their professions, at Georgia College, we help our students forge meaningful connections to our communities and world. The intensive leadership education we provide at Georgia College helps our students to identify what matters to them, how to make positive change in their communities and world, and how to serve as leaders for the public good. 

The Georgia College Leadership Certificate Program is a nine-credit academic program. Successful completion of the program earns a baccalaureate certificate in leadership studies from Georgia College. 

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Boxes that lead to each other: 1. Colloquium: how to change the world. 2. Experience: leadership practicum, leadership clinic, intercultural leadership in France, GC in DC. 3: Leadership in the Disciplines: National Security Policy, group leadership by taking specific courses. Course Examples: Seminar, Signature Seminar: Citizenship, Grand Strategy, Those who lead, mentor.
Program Goals

We believe in the fundamental goodness of our students and in their ability to shape the future. We believe the best way to understand leadership is to put it in a practical context. We deal with the world as it ought to be and also as it is. Beyond the theoretical or philosophical level, we consider the many ways our students will practice leadership across their lives—as scholars, professionals, and citizens. 

Blocks of different colors that say, "civic engagement and public affairs, social entrepreneurship and innovation, strategic thought, inclusive leadership, intercultural negotiation, and ethics in leadership"
  • Civic Engagement and Public Affairs 
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation 
  • Strategic Thought
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Intercultural Negotiation
  • Ethics in Leadership
Why the Leadership Program?
  • Holistic approach to leadership development 
  • Global offerings across four countries 
  • Signature retreats, conferences, and travel opportunities 
  • Networking with nationally recognized leaders, executives, and elected officials 
  • Dynamic and interactive opportunities to practice your leadership 
  • Ongoing leadership consultations, assessment, and feedback 
  • Distinguished, nationally recognized academic credential 

Our Network

Where will Your Leadership Take You?

The Leadership Certificate Program brings together a diverse community of students and faculty, united in their commitment to leadership and finding innovative solutions to the challenges confronting society. Our students are eager to connect their learning at Georgia College with enduring questions of civic life and to forge connections in our communities and world. 

Our courses are taught by leading authorities on leadership, public affairs, social entrepreneurship, and strategic thought. Frequent guest facilitators include noted authors and thought-leaders, CEOs and non-profit executives, elected officials and policymakers, diplomats and military officers. 

Map of Georgia Practicum Sites and Delegation Locations. Practicum Sites: Georgia Chamber, Communities in Schools, The Mill of Etowah, Latinao Commonity Fund Georgia, Hikeinn at Amicalola Falls State Park, Savannah, Visit Milledgeville, plus more. Delegation Locations include Macon, Carrollton, Tiften, Athens, Atlanta, Augusta, and more.
Map of Atlantic Course Locations: 1. Georgia locations are Atlanta and Milledgeville. 2. Washington, DC. 3. France: Strasbourg and Paris. 4. Germany: Frankfurt and Kehl. 5. Switzerland: Zurich

A quick Summary

Program Duration 9 credit hours. Typically 2-3 semesters.
Time Commitment In addition to class, typically 2-3 hours per month.
Course Options 10+ courses offered annually
Instructor/Student Ratio 1:12; with 5 instructors 
Leadership Coaching Consultations 5+
Cost  GCSU tuition applies to course enrollment with $0 additional course/program fees.


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Georgia Education Mentorship Program

A one-of-a-kind partnership between Georgia College and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, the GEM Program prepares the next generation of Georgia's leaders for the public good. A mentorship and leadership program, GEM matches students with senior state leaders for a yearlong partnership that creates mutual benefit between Georgia College and its partners. 

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