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Georgia College & State University prepares the next generation of Georgia’s leaders; our Community Partners help make that a reality.
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Together, We can Accomplish Great Things.

Georgia College & State University’s Community Partners represent a broad range of businesses and firms, non-profit organizations, public agencies, government offices, and schools—each committed to cultivating the next generation of citizen-leaders and public servants.

Georgia College seeks Community Partners who share our commitment to promote positive change and ongoing innovation, as well as cooperation and collaboration among our partners.

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Top 3 Reasons to Join Us

1. Influential Network  

Our network spans the state of Georgia, bringing together the brightest minds from the public sector, business and private enterprise, non-profit, and academia. 

2. Knowledge 

We keep our members up to date regarding the latest, most important information on leadership, citizenship, democracy, and public affairs.

3. Partnership 

We all need supporters in our leadership journeys. Through our network, and in collaboration with like-minded partners, you’ll make a meaningful impact. 

Benefits to Our Partners

Benefits to Our Partners

Join a network of committed partners, dedicated to leadership for the public good. We provide:

An Advocate for You and Your Organization

  • Exclusive invitation to our Research & Public Service Summits.
  • Participation in our stakeholder analyses, leadership surveys, and interactive polling.
  • Opportunity to shape our annual Research & Public Service agenda.

Timely Information and Research

  • Access to our Leadership Brief series, rapid-response briefings, and exclusive interviews and publications.
  • Print and digital copies of our Leadership Forecast and online forecasting toolkit.
  • A team of Research & Public Service staff regularly produce reports and briefs on important topics related to leadership, citizenship, democracy, and public affairs.
  • Roundtables and conference calls that address topics of particular interest and timely issues for our network. 

Events and Programs

  • Personalized invitation to our events and workshops.
  • Exclusive invitations to private events, including receptions, dinners, and meetings.
  • Priority registration for our signature events, including our Inspire! Forum on Leadership, Usery Forum, TEDxGeorgiaCollege, and our Leadership Ideas Festival.


Signature Events and Opportunities

Each year, we offer a broad range of events and activities for our Community Partners and our network. We offer personalized invitations for our Community Partners and members of their organizations to participate and join our conversations about leadership for the public good.

Leadership Ideas Festival*

The Georgia College Leadership Ideas Festival brings together the brightest minds from across our state for a daylong discussion of creative ideas and public leadership. The Leadership Ideas Festival features TEDxGeorgiaCollege®.

TEDx Georgia College*

TEDx is a grassroots initiative, created in the spirit of TED’s overall mission to research and discover “ideas worth spreading.” TEDxGeorgiaCollege® brings the spirit of TED to our community and, through the TEDx network, opens our community to those around the world.

Inspire! Forum on Leadership*

The Inspire! Forum on Leadership is Georgia College’s presentation-discussion series on leadership for the public good. Presenters are distinguished executives in private enterprise or hold leadership roles in the public sector and share the university’s commitment to leadership for the public good, whether in business, the non-profit sector, or public affairs.

Usery Forum

The Usery Forum on Leadership is part of the Inspire! Forum series and is supported by a generous gift from the Kim Usery Foundation. The goal of the series, named for former U.S. Secretary of Labor W. J. Usery, Jr., is to focus on leadership that brings people together, bridging divides and spanning boundaries.

Leadership Mixer*

Georgia College’s annual Leadership Mixer welcomes students, faculty, and our community partners to network, collaborate, and learn about opportunities available to them.

Research & Public Service Summit*

The Georgia College Research & Public Service Summit brings together the Leadership Advisory Board, the Leadership Cabinet, and Georgia College's leadership faculty affiliates to create partnerships and collaborations, both within and outside the university. 

Statewide Delegations*

Community Partners join our students and faculty for statewide delegation visits. In our joint commitment to leadership for the public good, we work to bring together the public, private, and non-profit sectors and to understand the diversity of our communities and state.   

Leadership Webinars and Virtual Book Clubs

In our Leadership Forecast, Georgia College provides expert analysis on the current leadership environment and offers considerations for leaders as they guide their organizations in the year to come. We offer that analysis to our Community Partners through webinars, virtual book clubs, and targeted industry- and sector-specific workshops.

* Sponsorships Available. We offer competitive sponsorship packages, allowing our Community Partners to showcase their commitment to preparing the next generation of Georgia’s leaders and to leadership for the public good.

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Sara Beth Ratcliffe headshot

Sara Beth Ratcliffe

Public Service Coordinator
(478) 445-1227

Sara Beth Ratcliffe serves as public service coordinator and is responsible for implementing and supporting our Research & Public Service Priorities. Ms. Ratcliffe holds a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Georgia College and is a Master of Public Administration candidate. 

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harold mock headshot

Harold Mock

Director of Leadership Programs and Assistant Professor of History
(478) 445-1227

Dr. Harold Mock directs the Office of Leadership Programs and teaches courses on principles of leadership. A specialist in international affairs and transatlantic relations, he is currently writing a book entitled Dangerous Power: An International History of German Unification, 1969-1993. Dr. Mock's research and teaching interests include civil-military relations, particularly related to nuclear strategy and defense planning in western Europe. He holds a Ph.D. in history from the University of Virginia, where he previously served as Bradley Research Fellow. Additionally, Dr. Mock holds a master's degree in history from Virginia and bachelor's degrees in political science and history from Georgia College. He is a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies and the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

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  • Western European security 
  • Civil-military relations 
  • Transatlantic relations 
  • European integration 
  • German foreign policy
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To schedule an appointment with Dr. Mock, please contact Lori Westbrook, executive assistant, at (478) 445-1227 or