Supplemental Instruction

Some of our wonderful SI Leaders!

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support program utilizing peer-led study sessions multiple times each week to assist students with traditionally difficult academic courses. 

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SI sessions for the fall semester will be both in-person and online to allow for compliance with campus covid procedures.  If your class is supported by SI, you can check with your SI Leader to find out when and where your sessions will be this fall. Find your Leader's session info here.  

Student Testimonials about the Benefits of SI at Georgia College

"Learn[ed] how to understand things by breaking it into smaller sections"

"Being able to get a different perspective on various and getting to know other people in the class that wanted to do well too."

"[My Leader] was a good person and easy to talk to but I also learned a lot from her about course content and it made more sense when talking it out."

"The most beneficial aspect I gained from attending SI sessions was how to make learning difficult subjects interesting and connecting the topics together to form a big picture."

supplemental instruction session