Intellectual Property

The Office of Legal Affairs provides support and assistance to the University’s colleges and departments when they are faced with issues related to Intellectual Property (IP). Georgia College’s Intellectual Property Policy is to encourage and recognize research and innovation by members of the University Community, clarify ownership of intellectual property rights, create opportunities for public use of University innovations, and provide for the sharing of revenue with the creators of intellectual property. Generally, while the University retains the rights to Intellectual Property developed at the University, the University releases rights in scholarly works, as defined in this Policy, to the creators of such works.

Georgia College Intellectual Property Policy

USG Intellectual Property Policy

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property shall be deemed to refer to patentable materials, copyrighted materials, trademarks, software, and trade secrets, whether or not formal protection is sought.

Patentable Materials

Patentable Materials shall be deemed to refer to items other than software that reasonably appear to qualify for protection under the patent laws of the United States or other protective statutes, including Novel Plant Varieties and Patentable Plants, whether or not patentable thereunder.

Copyrighted Materials

Copyrighted Materials shall include the following:

  1. Books, journal articles, texts, glossaries, bibliographies, study guides, laboratory manuals, syllabi, tests, and proposals;
  2. Lectures, musical or dramatic compositions, and unpublished scripts;
  3. Films, filmstrips, charts, transparencies, and other visual aids;
  4. Video and audio tapes or cassettes;
  5. Live video and audio broadcasts;
  6. Programmed instructional materials;
  7. Mask works; and,
  8. Other materials or works other than software that qualify for protection under the copyright laws of the United States (See 17 U.S.C. § 102 et seq.) or other protective statutes whether or not registered thereunder.


Software shall include one or more computer programs existing in any form, or any associated operational procedures, manuals or other documentation, whether or not protectable or protected by patent or copyright. The term “computer program” shall mean a set of instructions, statements, or related data that, in actual or modified form, is capable of causing a computer or computer system to perform specified functions.


Trademarks shall include all trademarks, service marks, trade names, seals, symbols, designs, slogans, or logotypes developed by or associated with the USG or any of its institutions. (See 15 U.S.C. § 1127.)

University Communications manages licensing of the Georgia College brand.

Please contact the Office of Legal Affairs for all intellectual property questions or concerns.