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Coordinator: Dr. Dwight Call

A minor in International Studies requires 18 semester hours with grades of C or better, distributed as follows:

  1. Foreign language (0-3 hours): Students must demonstrate minimum proficiency by completing a 2000-level course in a language other than English. Up to 3 credits of foreign language can be used toward the minor.
  2. Foundation Course in International Studies: IDST 2205, Global Issues & Society (2 hours). Up to 2 credits can be counted toward the minor.
  3. An area of concentration chosen from the following list. At least nine semester hours must be at the 3000-4000 level (12-15 hours). The concentration may be a geographical area, a disciplinary study or other field chosen after consultation with the program coordinator. Other courses and courses taken abroad as approved by the program coordinator may be used to fulfill requirements for these hours. Courses that count toward a student's major or other minor requirements can also count toward the Minor in International Studies.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences:

AFST 2010

Introduction to African Studies

AFST 3500

The Geography of Africa

AFST 3580

Traditional African Worldview and Education

AFST 3800

African Music and Dance

AFST 4010

African Country Project

AFST 4451

African Literature

AFST 4541

The Politics of Modern Africa

AFST 4452

African Women Writers

AFST 4615

Law and Social Change in Africa

AFST 4845

African Art History

AFST 4950

African Technology and Society

ANTH 3200

Indigenous Peoples of Latin America

ANTH 4800

Plants and People of Latin America

ARTS 4810

Twentieth-Century Art, 1900-1945

ARTS 4820

Late Twentieth-Century Art, 1945-Present

ARTS 4845

African Art History

ARTS 4880

Asian Art History-Chinese

ARTS 4881

Asian Art History-Indian

CRJU 4985

Comparative Criminal Justice Systems

ENGL 2110

World Literature

ENGL 4447

Comparative Literature

ENGL 4451

African Literature

FREN 3110

French Culture and Civilization I

FREN 3120

French Culture and Civilization II

GEOG 1102

World Regional Geography

GEOG 3500

Regional Geography: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, or Southern World

GEOG 4205

Political Geography

GEOG 4305

Cultural Geography

GRMN 4450

German Civilization

HIST 3705

Asia Since 1500

HIST 3720

Modern Latin America

HIST 4220

Modern Europe

HIST 4245

Modern Germany

HIST 4250

Twentieth Century Russia

HIST 4285

Intellectual and Cultural History of Europe Since 1550

HIST 4335

Modern Britain

HIST 4380

The British Empire and Commonwealth of Nations

HIST 4650

Contemporary American Foreign Policy

HIST 4690

History of United States and Latin American Relations

HIST 4710

Modern Middle East

HIST 4720

The Vietnam War

HIST 4730

Modern China

HIST 4800

Modern Mexico

HIST 4810

Modern Caribbean

IDST 2205

Global Issues and Society

INST 2985

Study Abroad Seminar

INST 4940

Independent Study in International Studies

INST 4960

Internship in International Studies

INST 4980

Study Abroad

MSCM 3303

International Mass Media Systems

POLS 2401

International Politics and Issues

POLS 3501

Comparative Politics

POLS 4415

Environmental Policy

POLS 4503

The Politics of Spain

POLS 4505

The Politics of the European Union

POLS 4531

The Politics of the Middle East

POLS 4541

The Politics of Modern Africa

POLS 4561

The Politics of Latin America

POLS 4611

Contemporary International Problems

POLS 4621

Comparative Foreign Policy

POLS 4650

Contemporary American Foreign Policy

POLS 4720

The Vietnam War

POLS 4415

Environmental Policy

RELI 1111

Introduction to World Religions

RELI 4405

Comparative Religion

RHET 3320

Intercultural Communication

SOCI 3326

Social Change

SPAN 3220

Survey of Spanish Literature II

SPAN 3240

Survey of Latin American Literature II

SPAN 4450

Spanish Civilization

SPAN 4500

Seminar in Contemporary Latin American Culture

College of Business:

BCOM 4282

Managerial Communications

BCOM 4283

Global and Intercultural

CBIS 4215

E-Commerce in a Global Society

ECON 3220

International Trade

FINC 3240

International Finance

ECON 3440

Comparative Economic Systems

ECON 3800

Intermediate Macroeconomics

ECON 3850

International Economic Development

FINC 3830

Financial Markets and Institutions

MGMT 4145

International Management

MKTG 3180

International Marketing Environment

MKTG 4175

International Marketing Strategies

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