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Will I have to take any additional courses since the Bridge start date has been moved to Fall 2020?

You do not have to take any additional courses except for GCSU 1010: Student Success, a 1-credit hour course that you would have taken over the summer. Dr. Hali Sofala-Jones, Program Coordinator, will teach this course, and your peer mentor will attend class meetings as well. The goals of this class are to provide Scholars with an opportunity to improve their chances for success at Georgia College by focusing on strengthening study skills, providing techniques to maintain mental, physical, and emotional wellness, discussing issues of diversity and inclusion, introducing Scholars to opportunities and services available on campus, and fostering the formation of relationships among Scholars and staff.

Other than the start date, what other changes should I be aware of as I begin planning for my first-year?

In order to help build a foundation of success for our Scholars, we are asking you to reserve the first four Fridays of the Fall semester (barring Labor Day Weekend) from 3pm - 6pm for mandatory community building and student success events. More details on these "Foundation Fridays" will be discussed as we move closer to Fall.

Are Bridge students able to request roommates?

No, Bridge students are not able to request roommates. Roommates will be assigned at the conclusion of registration and determined by the program director based primarily on academic factors such as major and cohort assignment.

When will I be able to meet my roommates and other BSP students?

Roommate assignments will be emailed to Scholars by May 15, 2020. Once assignments are made, you will be able to view your apartment and roommates online.

Is the BSP going to still have an orientation for incoming students?

Yes, we will hold a comprehensive on-campus orientation on August 1, 2020 from 9am – 3pm. Scholars are encouraged to bring two guests with them to the orientation. More details will be emailed to you as we move closer to that date. 

If I am in the BSP, can I participate in varsity athletics, a sorority, or other campus activities?

Absolutely! While BSP is an intensive summer program, the participation requirements are significantly scaled back during the academic year. Students are encouraged to participate in all the great organizations Georgia College offers. BSP students have been members of nearly every athletic team, participated in Fraternity and Sorority Life and were elected as leaders of numerous student organizations throughout campus.