Student Organizations & Activities

Creative Arts Alliance - Student art club

Creative Arts Alliance 2
Creative Arts Alliance

GCSU’s Art club, known as the Creative Arts Alliance, is a place where students of all majors gather and enjoy creative activities together, including black light painting, movie nights, and tiny canvas painting nights. Those interested in joining or receiving notifications for upcoming events, should contact the student board members (see below).

Instagram: @gcsucreativearts  

CAA Email: 

2023-24 Student Board:

Faculty Advisor: Valerie Aranda, Professor of Art, 478-445-2431,


The Corinthian: The Journal of Student Research at Georgia College

The Corinthian

This scholarly journal recognizes student achievement in research by providing publishing opportunities for GC students from all disciplines.


Research Day

President Cox and Ally Baker

This annual student research conference provides students from all disciplines the opportunity to prepare and present creative and scholarly work to the campus community.

For more information, visit Mentored Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors (MURACE).


The Peacock's Feet 

Peacock's Feet

"The Peacock's Feet" is a yearly journal published by Georgia College, and showcases the literary and artistic talents of people from Georgia College and beyond. Our publication includes some of the finest stories, poems and art the school has to offer. "The Peacock's Feet" takes art and literary submissions every year until December. 

To get involved with this year’s journal, you can submit one or more of your art, music, and writing submissions to​ Art/Photography pieces should be submitted in a high-resolution JPEG file (Tiff or Jpeg 1800 by 2700 or greater; DPI of 300 is preferred).