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The Department of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy provides comprehensive major programs in chemistry and physics and teaches disciplinary and interdisciplinary courses in the core curriculum.

Analytical and Expressive

Our programs are designed to provide depth in the discipline through sequential study. Emphasis is placed on scientific reasoning, critical thinking, and problem solving. Recognizing that there is a profound connection between analytical thinking and the ability to express ideas clearly, the Department provides opportunities in its courses for writing on science topics and for oral reports.


Courses provide students with the most current objective descriptions of the physical universe in scientific terms and present the theories and models that integrate these observations and make them understandable. Through laboratory work and by instrumental analysis, students gain experience in making observations and measurements and transforming these into useful characterizations.


The majors in chemistry and physics are appropriate preparation for graduate study, for science education, for employment in a laboratory environment, or for studies in several allied areas such as engineering, medicine, and many health service professions.

Alumni Stories

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