Chemistry B.S.

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When you begin the undergraduate Chemistry program, you’re beginning to build a solid background in science. Courses meet the guidelines of the American Chemistry Society and include inorganic chemistry, chemical analysis and instrumental methods of analysis, organic chemistry and physical chemistry.

The undergraduate Chemistry program is supported and funded by the Scholars program and aims to expose students to careers and chemistry and science education, as each scholar will be mentored by a faculty member. As a student in the Chemistry program, you will be prepared to enter and succeed in graduate programs in chemistry or professional programs including medical or dental school.

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Courses have been designed not only to meet accreditation requirements, but also to allow students to develop a strong background in science. Therefore, appropriate courses are also required in the capstone area such as Advanced Analytical Chemistry, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, Advanced Organic Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Advanced Physical Chemistry and Mathematical Physics.

A recent employment survey by the American Chemical Society shows a stable job market and improving salaries for new chemistry graduates, reflecting the continuing strength of the U.S. economy in general. Major employers of chemists at all degree levels are the chemical industry, academia and government. In industry, chemists are employed in production, applied research, basic research or technical marketing. Advancement to positions in research and development management, plant management or corporate management is possible.


Chemistry B.S. 2020-2021 Catalog Biochemistry Concentration 2020-2021 Catalog